Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish everything you have planned for the week?

Well, it’s easy to put a checkmark in front of a couple of tasks. But when it comes to a super busy week with piles of work to do, panic leaves us in a mess.

The best solution to keep track of your tasks is to have a weekly planner. Wait, not the notes app, the proper, old school, pen-and-paper planner.

The simplest, organized, and well-sectioned planner can become your best friend.

Realia Project has gorgeous printable planners, calendars, banners, bookmarks to bring out super organized Monica Geller inside you.

Here is how you can plan your week:

Tips To Use The Planner

Step 1: Prefer a Simplified Glance of the Week

Write super essential tasks on the top of the weekly sheet. Maybe with a color-coded pen.

Create a To-Do list for the week, note down daily goals under each day of the week.

Even if we are talking about weekly plans, it’s better to print a monthly glance.

A monthly calendar print would be perfect for noting down high-priority tasks.

Besides, if a particular task repeats itself quite frequently in an interval, write it monthly rather than on a weekly glance.

Step 2: Use Color-Codes and Checkboxes

How would you distinguish or find tasks on the planner? There is no Control+F to find words.

The easiest way is to use different color pens to write certain types of tasks in your planner. Put a checkbox in front of each task and make sure to tick it after completion.

If the task is on hold, maybe put a dot in the checkbox to identify pending tasks.

Step 3: Assign Time Stamps

There is nothing more productive than assigning a schedule for each task.

Write down the time-interval in front of tasks that you have to finish before the deadline. That way, you will have a clear idea of your whole week, and you can take out enough time for yourself.

Step 4: Don’t Over Plan Everything

You are using a weekly planner to ease things out and not to create a burden. So, make sure you commit to reachable goals.

That way, you can smoothly go through each task, without leaving other jobs behind.

Plan important goals with realistic timelines. Planning is a fun activity that can make your life much more comfortable.

Now the question is, where you can find a perfect weekly planner that suits your profession, needs, and fits everything you have to plan.

The answer is printable planners. It’s much better to print a suitable planner to have enough pages and space for your planning.

What Are Printable Planners?

Printable planners are already designed templates with perfect margins.

You can take as many prints as you like, spiral bind it, or clutch with a clip, and you are good to go.

You can create a whole yearly planner with monthly, weekly, and daily glance from Realia Project’s library.

Take prints of monthly calendars, add weekly and daily sheets beneath them, repeat for all the months, and voila! Your perfect planner will be ready. These printable planners are more creative and cheaper than readymade ones.

Wondering who can use these planners?

Well, everyone. College students can track assignment submission dates, and working fellows can maintain a work schedule, homemakers can plan each day’s meals, groceries, and whatnot?

Finding a perfect planner is no less than finding a dress of your size. And that’s what printable templates are for.