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It is a story based on the real life of Kim Woo Jin and Yun Sim Deok. Kim Woo Jin is a theatrical writer who lives during the time when South Korea is under Japanese occupation. He is a married man with children, but he falls in love and has an affair with Yun Sim Deok. She is the first Korean soprano to record the song “Praise of Death” which becomes the first Korean pop song in 1926. Kim Woo Jin and Yun Sim Deok are marked by a fate that ends tragically.


“Praise of Death” (Image Source: SBS)

Lee Jong Suk as Kim Woo Jin

Kim Woo Jin is a theatrical writer with many regrets related to his past, to his father, with decisions he wanted to make but did not have the courage to take in the past. In spite of being a married man with children, he falls madly in love with the singer Yun Sim Deok. He had never felt a love, a passion as deep as the one he feels for her, his level of understanding and complementation convince him that she is his soul mate.
The degree of devotion he feels for Yun Sim Deok and the great desperation and misery he feels for not being able to possess her fully will lead him to an abyss of perdition.

“Praise of Death” (Image Source: SBS)

Shin Hye Sun as Yun Sim Deok

Yun Sim Deok is the first Korean soprano, she has poor parents to support with her work and siblings to help with their studies. She feels incredibly guilty for craving Woo Jin for herself, she yearns to be his wife but knows that this place will never be hers because he is a married man.
Yun Sim Deok longs for nothing more in her life than to have Woo Jin for herself, the love she feels for him goes beyond any desire she has had before and even though she struggles to distance herself from him. It is impossible to escape from the great emptiness in her heart because she cannot be with the man she loves.

This story of passionate and tragic love is one of many that may possibly occur in our real life because for no one is a secret that this world is full of unlove and complications day after day. Throughout our lives, we can observe in movies, series, and dramas how they give us a perspective of unique and unforgettable loves. Despite this, The love story that took place many years in the past could have been unique for both of them if it did not have a fatal ending. Both Kim Woo Jin and Yun Sim Deok had their own lives, full of talent and dreams to fulfill, but above all with a love as alive and true as mortal.

The television network SBS brings to the screens this short drama, which tells the tragic love and depth of the lives of Kim Woo Jin and Yun Sim Deok. “Praise Of Death”, stars the always fantastic and experienced Lee Jong Suk, in one of his deepest and most dramatic roles as the playwright Kim Woo Jin and his co-star will be the beautiful Shin Hye Sun as the soprano Yun Sim Deok, who marked the beginning of pop music in Korea.

Regarding her character, Shin Hye Sun shared that she had chosen the role because she was thrilled by the shocking tragic love story of both real figures, she said: “The first time I heard the love story between Yun Sim Deok and Kim Woo Jin was on the radio before I debuted [as an actress],” she recalled. “And there was something so romantic about her that it made my heart race. I was impressed to discover that I had the opportunity to play this role.

“Praise Of Death” will not only narrate the romance between Yun Sim Deok and Kim Woo Jin but will also tell a little about the work of the playwright, who was the leader of the Korean New Acts movement in the 1920s and directed the “Drama Association,” his plays deeply embraced domestic drama consciousness and was the first Korean to leave the drama in modern drama, while accepting Western expressionist literary theory and translating it, this story explains a little more about his work, which is not as well known as that of soprano Yun Sim Deok, who performed “Praise of Death” and although her powerful voice made a great impression on the audience, she could not make a living singing Western classical music and incursion into the pop style that now reigns in chorea. It has a film of the same name starring Jang Mi Hee, which was published in 1991 and adapted to a musical.

This is the reunion between Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Suk, the last time they worked together was 5 years ago, in the KBS drama of School 2013, where Shin Hye Sun had a secondary role, but now they play together the main characters of “Praise Of Death”. The actress in a recent interview mentioned that she hoped to perform with Lee Jong Suk again, as many of her acquaintances had praised the actor’s professionalism, and although the recordings are short, she would take advantage of Lee Jong Suk‘s experience

This drama is the one that will cover the space left by “Where Stars Land” and will be premiered on November 27th and the other two last episodes will be broadcasted on December 3rd and 4th.

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