Right in the heart of South Asia, Bangkok, and the capital city of Thailand hosts thousands of visitors every day. The gorgeous city that many let go just because of a very cosmopolitan outlook is, in fact, one of the worlds most happening tourist destination. Be eight history and culture, amazing architecture, lively music and entertainment have seen, adventure and attractions, or food and shopping options, Bangkok is everything that you would wish for a dream getaway. The tropical weather in the budget-friendly costs further adds to the bonus. Once in Bangkok, you will be surprised to find how difficult it is to choose from one of the many Bangkok tours just because each one of them is equally exciting.

Here are some of the few main reasons Why Bangkok should definitely be on your 2019 bucket list.

The Nightlife

If your idea of a perfect travel destination revolves around an incredibly lively nightlife and happening, music Bangkok will turn out to be a night paradise for you. The city literally comes to life as soon as the Sun goes down. As the mainstream business activity of the city comes to women and people retire to their homes, this the streets of Bangkok come alive with its new set of colors. The Weibring and night market dotted with the trees offering scrumptious food, and some of the best bars and nightclubs come to life till the wee hours of the morning with some of the finest collection of booze and music. Besides that, there are some exciting shows and performances that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Adventure and Attractions

Bangkok is home to some of the best attractions in South Asia that are not only fun for adults, but even children enjoy them equally. The Bangkok Safari world and ocean Safari is by far the best animal safaris in Asia. It is the best option for anyone who does not have the luxury to experience the famous African safaris but wants to have an interactive and close in counter with the wild. I don’t mean attractions include the famous Madame Tussaud’s museum, dream world theme Park, Siam’s Park, Snow Park, the upsidedown House and many other more.

Art and Culture

Thailand is famous around the world for its rich and vibrant culture. If you wish to see a glimpse of everything pie and one single please, the Metropolitan of Bangkok is your best bet. There are a number of beautiful ancient Buddhist temples and other ruins that dates back to centuries and are jawdropping Lee gorgeous symbols of art and architecture. Besides that, the local street markets are full of beautiful Thai handicraft that you will fall in love with that foresight. You will find many Thai cultural shows and street performances happening across the city that demonstrate how rich the countries connection with art is.

Transit Hub

Traveling to Bangkok is certainly not just about Bangkok. Once you realize that you have had enough of the open metropolis, Bangkok becomes an excellent transit had to travel to some of the most beautiful natural treasures in south Asia. If you wish to explore Thailand further, you can take a short flight to Phuket, Krabi or Koh Samui. Bangkok will also easily connect you to other neighboring saltation destinations such as Singapore., Malaysia, Sri Lanka, mothers, Bali and many more.