As we know, bitcoin is part of the crypto platform, and there is a huge number of users engaged in investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency presented by an anonymous person, and he is given one name that is Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of the person is anonymous, but he had given a great concept to the market, and the concept is so unique that there are various other cryptocurrencies too which are being designed using bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that is dependent upon the blockchain as most of the features provided are given by the blockchain like transaction security so that no one can hack the system, transaction privacy so that no one can track the transactions of the users, transaction storage in the form of the blocks in the blockchain.

How did the market crash occur?

A market crash is a thing that occurs when there is a sudden drop in the price of something because of any reason. With this price loss, there are many users who get affected because the prices at which they had invested had gone very much down, and it may or may not recover to the level of the prices it was earlier. This is the basic information about the market crash.

The market crash had occurred very recently, which has led to the decrease in the prices of the bitcoin along with the various other cryptocurrencies; there were many users who had bought the crypto just a day before, and then they had incurred huge losses. This market crash led to the cryptocurrency being banned by China. The 55 percent of the bitcoin mining, along with the investment in the cryptocurrencies, was done in China, which had created a huge instability in the market.

The price of the bitcoin was around 40 lakh rupees before the market crash, and the bitcoin price after the crash has gone to about 28-29 lakhs which is considered to be the biggest crash. There are some of the market crashes which occur because of some basic news like Elon Musk is going to accept the payments in the form of cryptocurrencies and the prices go immediately, and suddenly he refuses, so the prices fall suddenly too.

Market status after the crash

After such a big market crash, the market fell down. But later, as things go old now, there is an increase in the market prices of the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. This is a great recovery in the prices of bitcoin, which can be easily seen on Even now, there is sometimes a fall and rise in the prices of bitcoin, but the increase rate is higher as compared to the fall rate, so because of this reason, the market has recovered.

How has the market recovered after such a big market crash?

After such a big market crash after the ban of cryptocurrency in China, the market has recovered to such a good extent. There are a variety of reasons which are being expected for such a great extent of recovery in the market.

  • The number of users is increasing continuously for investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as there is a continuous increase in the awareness among the people of the cryptocurrencies as to how it provides profits to its users in such a short time period.
  • There is the acceptance of the cryptocurrency in the sports field, too, as they try to move on with the technology so they have decided to give some rewards in the form of the bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies so that the fans should be attached to them and others should get aware and start investing in it.
  • There are some players who are using this platform as the transactions of the users are being tracked by the government because it is the responsibility of the government to track the spending habits of the players. So they use a crypto platform so that their transactions remain private.


In the end, we can very easily conclude that cryptocurrencies are the future of the coming world, as it doesn’t matter who is banning or doing such things.