If you’re looking for a stunning, lavish and a thriving place to live, Dubai has to be up there as one of the all-time greats. Finding Dubai properties to rent, however, is not as simple nor as straightforward as a lot of people would have liked.

Like anywhere, when renting, it pays to do your research and to study the Dubai property market in great detail. If you are serious about renting in Dubai, you should first take the time to seek out some top real estate brokers in Dubai and benefit from their assistance.

To help you find your dream property rental in Dubai, we’ve listed down a few valuable tips:

1: Find a reputable agent

First and foremost, if you are serious about renting in Dubai, you are going to need to seek out the assistance of a reputable agent and other seasoned experts. Go online and search for some of the top real estate brokers in Dubai and let them help you. The real estate brokers know their stuff so simply sit back and let them do what they do best. Just make sure that the broker you team up with has a broker’s number and is RERA-Registered.

2: Look at plenty of options

The Dubai property market is currently thriving. This means that you certainly won’t be short of options. When looking for your dream home, look at as many different options as you possibly can. This goes, not only for the properties themselves but also for the different areas. Never rush into renting the first property you see, unless you are 100% certain in your heart of hearts, that that is your dream property.

3: Examine the property before signing

Renting can be tricky as you obviously don’t own the property, so you can’t do whatever you like with it. Despite this, you are still responsible for maintaining it, and you could be charged for any repairs that need doing if they are deemed to have been caused by you.

Before you sign and agree to move in, take the time to walk through the property and examine it. It is best to do this with your landlord. This is so you can see that it is habitable, plus it means that, if there are any cracks in the wall or any existing damages, you can prove that they were there before you moved in, so you can’t be charged for them.

4: Know your rights

There are some rogue landlords out there who are shady and do operate outside of the law. This is where it pays to know your rights. As the landlord owns the property, they can do whatever they like with it and can charge whatever they like for rent. They can also legally increase the rent. However, if they intend to do so, they will need to provide you with notice, 90 days in advance. Anything less than this, and they are breaking the law.