Outdoor furniture cushions need to be upgraded just like any other outdoor furniture item. You can get lots of good cushions from Wicker Direct Furniture. It is an online place for buying and selling of outdoor furniture items. Having mentioned that, it is important that you know, how and when you should get your cushions upgraded. Here is a brief guide:

When to Replace Your Furniture Cushions

Ideally, people like to be given a time period estimation after which they need to change their cushions. However, the truth is, no two cushions are treated alike. Therefore, no two cushions can have exactly the same lifespan.

The question when is the right time to replace your outdoor furniture cushion can be answered in one way only. That is, whenever you feel that your old cushion has completed its years of life. The kind of treatment it has received from you and your family members will render itself as the basis of this change. Additionally, if a cushion has not been used a lot but has become old-fashioned, you can always replace it with a new one.

How To Buy New Outdoor Furniture Cushion

Follow these steps and learn how to buy new outdoor furniture cushions.

Measure Your Cushion

The first tip is to measure your cushions and write down its specifications such as the length of its top back portion from the top till its first fold. Additionally, you will also have to measure the specifications of your furniture piece. These include measuring the length and breadth of your furniture piece. Depending on the type of furniture piece you require a cushion replacement for, you might have to measure the distance of its leg rest portion from the fold to end and the width of the furniture seat too.

Once you are done with your measurements according to the outdoor furniture piece which requires a cushion replacement, right these down then follow the next step. However, if you face difficulties in carrying out this task, you can take help from standard outdoor furniture measurement guides which have details of outdoor furniture pieces, their measurements, and the specifications of cushion pieces that come along with them. You can find these guides online or request them from your older vendor. If your older vendor fails to cooperate, feel free to find a new one and request them for a measurement guide.

Contact Your Outdoor Furniture Vendor

The next step is to contact your original outdoor furniture supplier and ask them for the costs of either an exact replica of the old cushion or for making of a newly styled cushion with the same dimensions. Once your furniture vendor agrees to the job, place an order. However, if your furniture vendor does not take responsibility or is unable to help, you can check out other outdoor furniture websites such as the one mentioned above.

They have got cushions for all kinds of outdoor furniture pieces. Whether you need a cushion replacement for chaise lounge furniture or sofa seat or for regular chairs or high chairs, they have got all the varieties covered at reasonable prices. Just log on to their website and place your order.

Check the Cushions

Once your cushions arrive, check them by placing them on your furniture pieces and resting your back against them. Did you find a comfortable fit or not? If no, then reorder and this time request your vendor to help you with the measurements and process. If yes, then pat yourself on the back for a job well done and enjoy the comfort of a freshly replaced cushion.


Outdoor furniture cushions form an important part of the complete furniture set. If your cushions are wearing out or have suffered a lot of wear and tear, you must immediately reorder them to keep your furniture set intact.