Foreign exchange trading or Forex is something not a lot of people understand well or know how it works. If you ever ask someone who has been involved in foreign exchange trading and has been making money out of it, he/ she will tell you that it was not an easy task. It often takes a long time to figure out the markets. But not all hope is lost there. Developers have now come up with a new automated Forex robot, RoFx, which is a boon for all traders who are just starting out.

This robot takes up the job of a trader at a speed that is not humanly possible. It largely eliminates the scope of human errors. It does not do a mediocre job or does not just create a temporary replacement for a trader. It does a very good job and helps beginners to trade successfully. No wonder it makes it into the top Forex expert advisors list.

RoFx Initial Impression

This Forex robot at the first glance seems to be very transparent about all its operations with detailed report generations which makes it stand out. Very rarely you notice this transparency in the online Forex brokerage business.

Reduction of Risk with RoFx

Forex trading is highly risky and as a beginner or even otherwise it is a massive concern for all. So, if you do not start making money, do not be surprised, for it takes a decent amount of time to begin that process. There is always a split opinion on Forex trading that it is either sheer luck or it depends on the extent of knowledge of the market. Irrespective of the opinion, it does not take much to know that, people often lose money, even expert Forex traders.

But with the help of RoFx, it gets easier to reduce the risk factor. What makes this possible is its smart artificial intelligence that is deprived of all human errors and emotions along with the speed. It gives traders an upper hand over people who trade without any external help or experience, to a great extent. Since the market demands much attention and time to constantly keep a tab on it, you can beat other traders with the help of your RoFx robot.

Why Traders Prefer to Use RoFx

There are several advantages that are enjoyed by traders using this robot that makes it stand out from other Forex robots. In the simplest terms, it helps to provide traders with full control over their trades constantly all day long. It also provides detailed reports on the trades and transaction history, which exhibits a precise picture of how the robot carries out its operations. Detail report makes traders feel more in control than ever instead of feeling like they have no role to play in it. To make the best of the reports traders can easily make a comparison with other similar online Forex websites.

Here are some other advantages you gain from this Forex robot:

  1. Proven artificial intelligence for a fully automated trading solution.
  2. No lock packages – where traders can share daily profits. Packages include No Lock trial, No Lock easy start, No Lock Moneymaker, and No Lock Gold Packages.
  3. Traders can get up to 10% monthly returns
  4. Verified Trading accounts
  5. Withdrawal is free of any charge.
  6. The interface is very user-friendly.
  7. Web wallet that is easy to use
  8. Bank/ BTC transfers
  9. VIP PAMM package or the Percentage allocation money management package.

It is also hard not to have noticed the profit margin calculator. The RoFx profit margin calculator is an attractive feature, very beneficial for traders to figure out the expected ROI with ease. All a trader has to do is enter the initial amount deposited which then computes the earnings and calculates the gains from trade.

Many traders and not just beginners are relying on RoFx for trading since it gives you a consistent and systematic way to address the Forex market. It increases the chances of earning money. You too can join the club, sit back and relax while the robot works its magic.


If you are looking for a Forex robot that screams reliability, RoFx is the ideal choice. In conclusion, this platform is as safe and transparent as it gets for newbies and experts equally for Forex trading.