You are a proud owner of the Rolex watch. Congratulations! It is not just some status symbol, preferably one of the most famous watches somebody could own. There are a lot of stories regarding the origin of a Rolex name. And, none of these stories was confirmed by Hans Wilsdorf himself.

Now when you have looked at this quite closely (also we know very well you have it), you may be amazed: what does “Rolex Oyster Perpetual” actually mean?

What does the never-ending mollusk need to do with it?

Well, amazement no more. I have finally got its detailed answer for you people.

Let us go back. It is Great Britain in the year 1905. The very first wristwatches were debuted. Most people think that it is one of the dullest notions ever. They may look good, but between rain, dirt, and rough daily living, this watch will not last longer.

Enter Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex Owner

First, Enter Hans Wilsdorf was a Bavarian watchmaker who determined for making a durable watch. He was determined to cope with the vulnerable flaws of a watch. He along with his brother-in-law began a watch firm. They call that Rolex. It is a word that they actually made up (yes, true story).


In the year 1926, he made and launched the very first waterproof case that he named as “Oyster.” It is a name that Hans did come up with after attempting to open a stubborn oyster shell (Yes, true story).


And, the “Perpetual” word came in the year 1933, while Rolex also rolled out the 1st self-winding watch. He called this the “Oyster Perpetual.” The word Perpetual means this goes on & on & on…

Hence, there you’ve this. “Oyster” does mean waterproof, while “perpetual” means automatic or self-winding. The monikers come one standard of the Rolex, one-hundred-meter water-proof sports watchcase.

Famous Celebrities and Rolex

Also, Rolex has a close connection with many real-life famous celebrities as well. However, the most known relationship might be with a fictional character called James Bond. The Rolex collectors vary depending on some details surrounding that is which of the Rolex models were shown in which film, but this is agreed that in the original 14 Bond books, Fleming has mentioned just 1 brand that belonged to 007 – Rolex. Hence, when James Bond made appeared on the big screen, then he wore the Rolex wristwatch.

Sources differ a bit about which model actually appeared in which movie, although this does seem quite safe to say Rolex was appeared in James Bond films: License to Kill, Dr. No, The Man With the Golden Gun, From Russia With Love, Live and Let Die, Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Thunderball.

This relationship created a wristwatch known to the collectors as “James Bond Sub.” Many people agree that the designation does belong to ref. 6538 that was created from 1954 – 1959. A few people refer to Submariners without the crown guards as Bond Subs. But, you select to define this, the legend was produced.