Human activities have been affecting the earth for a very long time. Starting from global warming to destroying oceans and marine life, all these activities are charging this planet a huge cost. It is high time to put an end to these activities and save the planet.

We often fool ourselves by thinking alone we cannot make a change. However a small step towards good and betterment can result in big change. Along with saying goodbye to plastic bags we need to say goodbye to plastic water bottles as well. Tons of plastic water bottle wastes are dumped in the ocean every day.

Millions of plastic bottled are sold every day. Pacific garbage patch covers an estimated surface area of 1.6 million square kilometers today. It is increasing day by day with the disposal of these plastic water bottles. Moreover, billions of plastic water bottles are produced every day and the sad part is they are not even recycled.

Only 10% of plastic water bottles are recycled approximately. If these circumstances persist, in the future, there will be more plastic bottles than fish in the ocean. Along with ocean land is also being affected by the production of plastic. It takes hundreds of years to degrade plastic naturally. Plastic is polluting fertile land and contaminating local sources of water.

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Tap water and water from other local sources are highly contaminated with harmful bacteria. It turns out; it is not safe to drink water from these sources. It contains even acidic water released from industries. Even after boiling it at home, water remains contaminated.

To save the health and wellness of human beings, BPA free bottled water is recommended. However, the current state of the environment cannot be ignored. We need to save earth from this environmental hazard and let it be a livable place for the next generations.

What is BPA free bottled water?

Bisphenol A or BPA is a type of plastic, commonly used to manufacture water bottles and other objects. When water is stored in these bottles, BPA contaminates it with some plastic. It is an endocrine-disrupting compound. The endocrine system is responsible for hormone release in the body.

BPA and such plastic chemicals, act like fake hormones or disrupt normal hormone functions. One can imagine the damage caused by BPA because almost everything is regulated by hormones in our bodies. This is not it; research on mice from Washington State University showed BPA causes genetic issues, and also it can be a major cause of cancer if consumed in higher amounts.

Moreover, depression, heart diseases, and hormonal issues are caused by BPA. Drinking BPA free bottled water is essential for health. Water is responsible for the cleansing body from toxins and harmful waste materials. It is very important to drink pure water and regulate bodily functions. Otherwise, instead of cleansing, BPA contaminated water can result in harming the body.

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Replacing plastic with aluminum

When researches and studies validate side-effects of any commonly used component, it is replaced by the market. It becomes trendy and people get to know about it through different sources. Brands try to replace it with the best suitable component. In this case, the trend of plastic water bottles needs to be changed.

Take a stand against the plastic epidemic and save lives. Replace it with aluminum bottles. Aluminum bottles are highly recommended by experts. The heat-insulating property of aluminum keeps the water cold in summers.

They are easily portable and can be taken anywhere. Stylish aluminum bottled water ensures drinking pure water with luxury. Moreover, it is reusable without causing any harm. Also, it can be recycled and old bottles can be turned into new bottles.

Most of the world’s aluminum is recycled. Above all, it ensures BPA free water and keeps us safe and healthy. Look at this site for more information BPA free bottled water.

Benefits of BPA free bottled water

BPA free bottled water has multiple impacts not only on humans but on the entire environment. Environmental activists have been struggling to raise awareness against plastic. Since the campaigns against plastic bags have gained popularity, more and more people are getting familiar with the ugly reality of plastic usage and its impact on the environment.

Still, we need to raise concerns about keeping the environment intact. BPA free bottled water is taking an initial step to stopping the plastic epidemic. If we stop using plastic water bottles today, we can serve the environment in many ways.

Save marine life

Tons of plastic are accumulated in the ocean every day. If plastic water bottles are replaced by aluminum BPA free water bottles, a great number of marine animals will be saved. Plenty of ocean organisms are endangered species and if this continuous soon they will be extinct. Replacing plastic water bottles can impact marine life significantly. Say no to plastic water bottles today!

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Save animals

A lot of birds are dying due to the consumption of plastic today. Innocent creatures confuse plastic objects, like water bottle caps, as food remains. Not only birds but critters and other small animals are consuming plastic as it is a chewable, and blameless creatures that mix them up with food. Poor creatures die from the consumption of plastic. 500 billion plastic bottles are produced every year. Its replacement with aluminum can make a huge difference.

Save land

A huge amount of garbage and plastic waste is dumped into fertile lands. Other garbage wastes degrade in the soil, some of them are even useful like vegetable and fruit peels, but plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade. This results in land pollution and it causes infertility of soil. Drink BPA free bottled water and save land along with saving the human population.

Save your health

BPA free bottled water is healthy and safe for our body functions. Little negligence can cause huge losses and a little precaution can save us from life-threatening diseases.

There is still hope left to save the earth from plastic. If all of us take this small step today we can eliminate tons of plastic produced for water bottles. Say no to BPA!