It’s possible to save money just by spending a few hours online looking for coupons, setting up automatic bill payment at your banking website, refinancing student loans, and buying quality second-hand items from local sellers who advertise on sites like Craigslist. What are some of the smartest ways to save cash online? Here’s a summary of the top five methods.

Use Automatic Bill Pay Through Your Bank

One of the simplest ways to never miss a payment and incur a late fee on anything, automatic bill-pay can be set up through your bank or any of numerous websites that specialize in payment processing tasks. Most people feel comfortable with their own bank’s website, so you might want to start there. If you’re new to the process, it takes about 20 minutes to set most of your monthly financial obligations to auto-pay settings. After that, you’ll never have to bother with it again unless a bill’s amount changes or you wish to set a different day of the month for payment.

Search for Coupons and Rebates

Coupons aren’t what they used to be. In the cyber age, they’re actually much better. That’s because it’s easy to search for specific discounts and find at least 5 or 10 percent off commonly purchased items. Most of the big coupon websites use either a scanning code bar or a numeric code that you apply when you make a purchase. There’s really no limit to the number of things you can find coupons for, from dinners and car washes to haircuts and clothing.

Refinance Student Loans

There are plenty of online options for people who want to refinance education loans. Several of the larger, more reputable sources, can have your debt restructured and approved in a matter of minutes if you have all your documents on hand. The great thing about going through refinancing is that you get not only lower monthly payments, but also a better interest rate and more time to pay off the debt.

Use the 3 Day Rule for Purchases

One of the ways that online shoppers save cash is called the 3-day rule. It’s simple and works if you have the urge to make a purchase, either in person or while shopping on your computer, wait three days before buying. This little guideline has curbed impulse purchases and increased savings. Try it for a few weeks and see if you agree.

Buy Services and Used Items on Local Sites

Are you in search of a bed frame, new tires for the car, an extra computer monitor, a high-end camera, or anything else that you might normally purchase in a store? Try out one of the many trading websites like Craigslist that cater to consumers who are willing to buy from other consumers. The Internet has ushered in the age of the global garage sale, and you can take advantage of the arrangement. Next time you intend to buy something new, take a look at your local sellers and see how much you can save.