An essential part of a watch party is the snacks. Getting this part of your gathering right doesn’t have to be stressful, and if you’re selecting foods that are easy to prepare and that can be eaten without the need for a lot of cutlery and dishes, you can get on with the task of enjoying your friends and the shows you’re catching up on! Try these novel and straight-forward recipes from around the world if you’re looking for something new to share and enjoy next time you’re playing host.

Halloumi Fries

Halloumi is a relatively hard unripened cheese popular in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is made from a mixture of goat and sheep’s milk and has a rich smoky flavor and chewy texture. Unlike other cheeses, it has a very high melting point meaning it can be treated in various novel ways. A popular method of cooking with it is making Halloumi fries. If you’ve never tried them before you’re missing out. They are a firm fixture at game nights as they make great finger-food.

They’re equally great as a snack for all of your guests to enjoy as you catch up on the latest goings-on in your favorite shows. Simply take a couple of blocks of Halloumi, slice them into the shape of some thick potato fries, and coat them in some white flour with several teaspoons of paprika mixed in. Then either shallow in a frying pan or submerge them for that deep-fried taste. Season with some chili flakes and salt.

Steamed Pork Buns

Gua Bao, otherwise known as Pork Belly Buns or, more generally, Bao Buns are a popular street food from Taiwan that are eaten across East Asia and are gaining popularity in the west. They are made using extremely soft steamed bread, known as lotus leaf bread. These miniature bread rolls are about 8 centimeters across and are cut down the middle and folded over. They work similarly to pitta pockets or wraps by making their contents easy to handle and eat.

The traditional filling is Pork Belly alongside ground peanuts and pickled mustard greens, but you can easily substitute the filling for chicken, seafood or vegetables. Here’s a great, easy-to-follow recipe from Olive Magazine to try out.


Nachos are the undisputed king of party foods thanks to the meal’s vibrant mix of flavors and textures, and its relative simplicity to prepare. The dish, hailing from northern Mexico, is composed primarily of heated tortilla chips layered with melted cheese. People often think nachos are a classic part of Mexican cuisine and, while it is an exemplar of many of the flavors and ingredients we tend to associate with Mexican food, the dish itself was invented in 1940 by chefs and restaurateur Ignacio Anaya, from whom it takes its name.

In addition to the cheese and corn chips, a typical dish of nachos normally includes sliced jalapenos, some guacamole (a sauce made from cream and avocados), sour cream, and salsa. If you’re looking for something more substantial to include with your nachos, you can top them with a simple chili made with ground beef mince or, for a vegan and vegetarian-friendly version, try a three-bean chili and some vegan cheese.

Mini Pizzas

Pizza has an enduring reputation as a party food due to the fact you don’t need cutlery in order to eat it and because, naturally, it tastes amazing! The dish has its origins in Medieval Italy but is now popular worldwide in both restaurants and as a take-out delivery meal. From a base of dough, cheese, and tomato sauce, one can add whatever combinations of toppings they desire.

You can even make mini pizzas, known as Pizzetta, and go wild on a host of different flavors. These mini vegan pizzas by Lazy Cat Kitchen are a great option whether or not you include animal products in your diet, or are simply looking to make healthier choices.