Spring walks around the planet, which means it’s time to hide your winter clothes on the upper shelves of the closet and begin to think through your spring style 2020. This article will be your guide to the trendy colors of this season, plus we will show you how to combine things of different colors to always look fashionable.

If You Need Some More Inspiration

Spring is already enough occasion for inspiration, and of course, updating your style and wardrobe. However, sometimes it is useful to look at ready-made images before creating your own. Moreover, on the online-stylist.co.uk you can immediately buy the outlook you like, or use it as a style guide and create your own images from similar (and even better, not similar things).

Flaming Scarlet

Yes, it’s a bold color. And you definitely should get at least one thing in this color for the spring-summer 2020 season. For a long time, this color was considered classic, aristocratic and suitable for evening outings. However, do not doubt that this spring will change the patterns.

Our recommendation for every day (or almost every day) is a midi hoodie dress in blazing scarlet color. It matches perfectly with white sneakers or keds, as well as a black eco-leather jacket.

Saffron (Yellow)

Yellow saffron is very specific. And very fashionable. If you look at fashion shows, you will notice that mainly designers use this color for light and flowing dresses. And this is an unambiguous symbol of the coming summer. Moreover, it is a bohemian color, since it originates directly from nature.

You will definitely like the yellow bohemian dress. As for shoes and accessories, a light faded denim jacket and massive black eco-leather boots will be a great addition to such a dress.

Classic Blue

Classic blue has been a trend for several years in a row. In certain seasons, the emphasis shifts to an ultra-blue hue, but in the spring of 2020, the timeless classic will be relevant. And since this color is classic, you can choose absolutely any elements of clothing in this color, and make up a wide variety of images. For example, a blue spring coat will be very relevant.

Moreover, you can wear it with the simplest option – jeans and a white T-shirt, or with the same classic dress (any of the actual colors). And coral pink, which we will discuss later, will look especially advantageous in such a combination.

Coral Pink

It is expected that the coral pink total look will be especially stylish this spring. A semi-free office suite is a great option for workdays. As for shoes, here you also need to choose something light so as not to burden the image – ballet shoes, light sneakers or elegant shoes with low thin heels are ideal.


Favorite purple has finally become relevant again. The color “grape juice” is especially relevant this season. And no, do not say that it is the color of wine – it is the color of juice. If you have not tried this before, be sure to try, and be sure to add a few things of this color to your spring style. The favorite of the catwalks of this spring is a purple evening dress with a lace hem, a full skirt, a belt at the waist and a translucent neckline.