If you are done with your education and stuff, or if you are a student, you can always start making money online in no time. The easiest way to make online money is to start your own blog. If you have no information about starting a new blog then don’t worry, we will help you start your blog site, and you can start making money in no time. Starting your own website is very easy these days, and you can easily do so without any investment. If you have any expertise in academic writing, then you can make a lot of money by just working online while staying at your home.

Working online can be difficult at first if you have no experience in this field, but there are some online platforms that will help you start your work and your own blog website for free. The most famous names in this list are Wix.com or WordPress.com. Both of them are one of the most accepted and top-ranked websites around the world, and many students and newbies are making money with the help of these platforms.

Wix.com – The New Platform!

Let us first talk about Wix.com. This online platform provides you a complete theme to publish your content after designing and customizing it. If you are new to this business and don’t have any idea about website development, then don’t worry, you just have to go to wix.com, and they will simply guide you on how to build up your website. They will provide you default basic themes that are best for you if you are a beginner, but if you want to design your own themes, you can easily do so with Wix. Along with writing your own blogs and publishing them, you can also start your business with this website, and you can add buttons on the page for your readers, which will direct them to your product line from where they can easily go for shopping.

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Working with WordPress!

WordPress, on the other hand, only caters to written content and blog sites. If you are going to start your own blogs with the help of WordPress, then you can just sign up with them and start writing right away. WordPress sites are not easily ranked, but you can purchase a domain online if you want your blogs to be listed on Google. Don’t worry, the payment for these domains are very minimum, you can easily get a domain within ten dollars, and then your blogs will be visible on the web around the world.

No Plagiarism Policy!

When writing your blogs, make sure there is no plagiarism in your content, or else google will bin your content and your website, and it won’t be ranked in its listing, furthermore repeating plagiarism will result in blacklisting of your site from the web. So if you are planning on starting a blog and are a good writer, then make sure you have a unique sense of style in writing and new content on your site. New and unique content will help you get to the top in no time. You can use Grammarly to check for your mistakes.