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Generally speaking, finals week is the worst. It’s a time period that can extend past the actual week of finals in terms of preparation. It is usually accompanied with sleepless nights, mental anxiety, and poor overall health. However, there is a way to ace these finals no matter if you are a high school or college student. These five tips can you help you conquer this week and future finals weeks down the road.

Reward Yourself

From sugary treats to Unibet India, everyone has their niche of what makes them happy. When you are completing a task that you do not like to do, there has to be a positive consequence for your actions. By rewarding yourself, you give yourself the motivation to complete a task. Think small and quantity on this. For example, there is nothing wrong with eating an M&M every time you complete a section of studying or notetaking. You can replace M&Ms with whatever your heart desires, but it is probably best to stay away from alcohol while studying. Nobody wants to blackout and lose all knowledge from the night.

Engage The Senses

There are three types of learners in the world: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. These learners learn by sight, sound, and movement respectively. When we engage more of the senses, the more information our mind retains. From Indian games, smelling peppermints, and listening to piano music, we can actually cheat our way to our brains remembering more information by getting all five senses involved. Ever see a color-coded notebook with many different highlighter colors? That’s why.

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Find A Buddy

When you have a partner to study with, it makes studying easier. However, you must lay some ground rules down. For example, if you do not understand part of the notes, ask the other person for help. That forces them to directly communicate with you. Hold each other accountable for goofing off. When you get together with a friend, it’s not always all about business. Make sure that you are getting your studying done before you catch up on the latest gossip.

Eat/Drink Healthy

One misconception is that by spending more hours of the day studying, you will be more prepared. That’s actually not true. One of the worst ways to prepare for exams is to not get a lot of sleep and eat a poor diet. Many studies support that the brain functions better when you are getting the regulated hours of sleep and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. You should drink plenty of water and stay away from energy drinks/high caffeine beverages. Toxins can impair your memory and you dont’ want it on your big day.

Have A Timer Handy

It doesn’t have to be a timer. It can be a watch. Having a time device helps you with studying because you can set time limits on how much time you spend on a section. You need breaks. The mind can only process information for seven minutes of oral talk. After that, the brain shuts down because it needs a break. The  same goes for studying. It doesn’t hurt to have a watch to monitor your time while you take the final either.