Go Ae Rin becomes a single mother when she unexpectedly loses her husband. Her neighbor, Kim Bon is a legendary illegal operations agent for the National Intelligence Service (NIS), codenamed Terius, who 3 years ago was involved in a failed secret operation and the woman he loved died; after this, he has hidden without leaving any trace. However, the two come together to discover a great conspiracy in which Go Ae Rin’s husband was involved. Next to them is Jin Young Tae, a former con-man who may hold the key to what Go Ae Rin and Kim Bon are looking for.


So Ji Sub As Kim Bon / Terius

He is a spy specialized in all fields, infiltrate, escape, bombardment, etc, he even managed to dominate the combat system used by the Spetsnaz, Terius is a living lethal weapon, master of disguise and hidden identities, but above all, is the best at collecting information; For his extraordinary skills he was assigned to the operation of catching the nuclear physicist Choi Yeon Kyeong, operation in which he lost his beloved. Kim Bon is also the perfect babysitter, good-looking but not very willing to socialize.

Jung In Sun As Go Ae Rin

She is a housewife, who due to the death of her husband has to start working as a secretary in the “J International” company, she has two twins Cha Joon Soo and Cha Joon Hee, a playful but mischievous boy and a girl. Ae Rin neglects her appearance and only lives for the upbringing of her children, she is always worried about her weight because she eats the leftovers of the food of her twins, she is also terribly curious.

Son Ho Jun As Jin Young Tae

Representative of “J International” company, he is an eccentric criminal, but with an adorable side since he always worries for Go Ae Rin, he very indecisive, appreciates the good food and thinks that his lunch is a fundamental part in his life, he underwent many surgeries, like his eyebrows, eyes, and cheekbones everything in order to hide his appearance, he is a key piece to discover the mystery behind everything.

Im Se Mi As Yoo Ji Yeon

Kim Bon’s fellow NIS agent, a very responsible and competent woman in her work, she has feelings for Kim Bon and works together with him to solve the operation “The King’s Bag”.

The return of So Ji Sub playing the role of a former agent of illegal operations Kim Bon, has caused many expectations that are being immensely satisfied, certainly not every day we get to see a legendary super spy become super nanny, only So Ji Sub had the ability to understand this character and personify it the way he does. On the other side, Jung In Sun’s interpretation as a super mom Go Ae Rin, is doing very well, she has those features of mother and a nice chemistry with the mischievous twins, In Sun also prints the intelligence and maturity that characterize her character.

Overall “Terius Behind Me” will continue to give a lot to talk about and receive a great reception from the audience, as we all want to see how an elite spy in the world of a mother and a great mother in the world of spies, manage to solve their lives.



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