With every passing birthday, the one thing that scares everyone is aging. It is not easy to accept that there are new lines and wrinkles, sags and aches cropping up every day. Unfortunately for us, human beings aren’t like fine wine. As time goes on, the skin sags and the resilience to external stimulants decrease. One fine day we’ll wake up and not recognize the person in the mirror anymore. There are many temporary, expensive solutions propagated by the cosmetic industry, but the bigger question is, would you like to make a lifestyle choice and approach this with more natural methods or simply head on over to botoxville?

The Japanese art of kintsugi believes that something broken has not lost its purpose. It has, in fact, found its unique identity. [1] While we use this belief with our broken pots and pans, we forget to use it on our bodies. As we age, the curly wrinkles, stretch marks, and spots are the scars we will begin to bear. Accepting this as part of our journey is step number one. Small but smart choices made at the comfort of your own home can help you steer the course of the journey.

Embracing a holistic lifestyle is the key to aging gracefully. It is in the way you talk, how you conduct yourself and how you look after yourself. As we age, we need to put in additional care in every aspect of our lives. Here are a few ways you can begin changing in your life.

The miracle of hydration:

The pure goodness of plain water consumption is underestimated especially when it comes to directly combating signs of aging. An easy way to thank your body for continuously working and not failing you is by hydrating yourself regularly. There are many benefits to staying hydrated as you age. Your joints will be well-lubricated. The different parts of your body will receive oxygen; you can optimally flush waste, regulate your body temperature, prevent kidney damage and aid digestion. [2] There are many ways to get your body hydrated including consuming water-heavy fruits and vegetables, juices, teas and so on.

Everything green is good:

Dedicating a larger portion of your meals to fruits and vegetables will go a longer way than you expect. It may not be the most obvious choice of your snack, but once the switch is made, with the health benefits, there is definitely no going back. Consumption of fruits and vegetables not only comes with innumerable benefits to your health but it also removes toxins and adds an undeniable glow and texture to the skin. Some great anti-aging foods include watercress, peppers, papaya, broccoli, blueberries, spinach, avocados, sweet potatoes, and pomegranate. [3]

Make sleep your next best friend:

There is a good reason why we love to sleep. It helps rest, repair and rejuvenates our mind and body. As we age, we might find difficulty in sleeping as peacefully as we used to. You can relax much faster with in-built three zone massagers found in adjustable beds. These beds also bend to the zero-gravity setting – the head up and foot up position which NASA trains its astronauts in. This position relieves the pressure from the back and helps you sleep much better. These adjustable beds from Dreamcloud can be a real life changer, especially as one begins to feel the weariness of age. Products like this go a long way in making us feel our optimal selves.

A little sweat here and there:

A brisk walk, a jog down the block or regular yoga are simple and convenient forms of physical work out. Fortunately, we live in a time where the importance of exercise and the different types of it is well researched. You can get more information about exercises for varied body types and age, nutritional counseling and fitness recommendations at the tip of your fingers. The importance of physical wellness only increases with age. It helps improve your stamina, reduces stress and manages health conditions. Some exercise programs that you can consider are aerobics, balance exercises, and deep stretching. You can practice yoga at the comfort of your own home, on your own rug, with just determination to be healthier. However, remember to pace yourself so as to avoid injuries. [4]

Find reasons to smile:

A healthy mind is at the core of youthful life. A stressed mind can have a direct impact on the balanced functioning of different parts of your body including your organs. No exaggeration! Take some time out to meditate, try and find the positivity and happiness in the little things in life. Take up art or pottery classes. Meet new people and keep yourself productive. With more positive influences in our lives, the more positive we become too.

There is no denying that aging is a big change, however gradual it might be. There is a lot going on, and we might not be emotionally equipped to accept these changes as is. However, the art of aging gracefully is one that can be taught, incorporated and practiced. It is depending less on others but finding support within oneself. Always remember, age is just a number. You give it power, so give it the positive kind.


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