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Autumn is in full swing, with many excuses to whip yourself up a great fall-themed cocktail to sip while you cuddle up on your sofa and play the latest games on netentcasino.com. Stock up on your cinnamon, apple cider, and ginger to make the ultimate Autumn drink. Below, we will have a look at some of the most incredible Autumn cocktail recipes that will warm your heart and immerse you in the season’s spirit.

Warm Bourbon Cider

Nothing says Autumn like a warm cocktail. This particular take on a hot cocktail mixes two great favorites, apple cider, and bourbon. Of course, you’ll first need to throw in a few herbs and spices to really bring out the fall flavors in the cocktail. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger will do the trick. Simply heat all of them together with the apple cider and once the mixture is hot, remove it from the heat and finally add in the bourbon. The recipe for this sweet creation can be found over at countryliving.com

Apple Pie Moonshine

Simple and easy to make, this cocktail packs quite a punch. Although we must warn you that even though this cocktail tastes great, it must be enjoyed in moderation due to its incredibly high volume of alcohol. The moonshine is made from 190 proof grain alcohol and vodka, which is added to a mixture of apple juice, apple cider, brown & white sugar as well as cinnamon. You can follow the incredibly detailed and brilliant recipe over at inspiredbycharm.com

Sage-Fig Cocktail

Figs lie at the very heart of the Autumn season, bringing a taste that immediately reminds us that summer is behind us and winter is coming. So, it’s quite fitting to have a cocktail that manages to incorporate this vital Autumn fruit in its creation. The cocktail mixes figs, sage syrup, Grand Marnier, club soda, and a healthy dose of rum. It’s a slightly more advanced cocktail to tackle, but the recipe over at Burrata and Bubbles will guide you along the way.

Pumpkin Apple Shandy

For those who aren’t looking for a strong cocktail, the Pumpkin Apple Shandy is a perfect choice. The simple and easy-to-follow recipe mixes pumpkin beer with apple cider to create a wonderful blend of flavors that manage to perfectly capture the taste of Autumn. If you are looking to add a bit of a kick to your cocktail, go ahead and add in some bourbon to sweeten the deal. If you’re sold and want to follow the great recipe from Jenn, head over to jennifermeyering.com

Apple Butter Old Fashioned

This cocktail combines some of the warmest ingredients imaginable to create what might just be the ultimate Autumn cocktail. You’ll find cider, orange bitters, lemon, bourbon, ginger beer, and homemade apple butter here, all mixed together for an incredibly heart-warming cocktail. The mixture is a perfect balance of all these different ingredients that manage to complement each other without every overwhelming one another. This Apple Butter Old Fashioned manages to capture the real essence of what an Autumn cocktail is all about. Why not try the recipe out yourself? Head over to halfbakedharvest.com to find out more.

Deliciously Warm Autumn Flavours

With plenty of fantastic ingredients that really bring out the Autumn feeling through their delicious tastes and flavors, these cocktails manage to capture the true essence of Autumn. Whether you’re enjoying the cocktail alone or in the company of others, these cocktail ideas and recipes will give you the inspiration to create the perfect Autumn drink.