The Best Films from China

These days, the world around is as close as never. Various factors have influenced this. First of all, due to the Internet, one may dive into the cultural environment of any country he or she wants. Besides, the flights and other means of traveling are available due to budget-friendly rates.

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Absence of boundaries, along with the possibility to communicate with people across the ocean, led to such process as globalization. Indeed, global culture is becoming more and more alike. That is why cultural peculiarities are so much appreciated. When travelers arrive at any city in the world, they are not fond of visiting a trade mall which is more or less the same as the one in their native city. They are looking for a small village where they may dive into real cultural ambient.

One of the most acknowledged expressions of culture is cinematography. Due to it, those who have no possibility to travel get to know about life and customs in other countries. Asia is one of the most charming and attractive destinations, although, it is a distant one. To dive into the culture of oriental countries, one may watch one of the cinematographic masterpieces filmed there.

Top Five Chinese Movies

Curse of the Golden Flower was shot in China and released in 2006. In those times, it was one of the most expensive movies shot in this country. The budget amounted to 45 million dollars. The film was rewarded for marvelous suits and decorations which return spectators back to the tenth century. Some of the costumes weighed about 88 pounds, while actors had 5 or even 6 layers of clothes.

Behind spectacular and exquisite decorations of those times, the film is about the life of the emperor and the people surrounding him. Cabals and schemes around the ruling family are endless. Everyone is in an alliance against someone resorting to daggers, assassins, and poison. Love, hatred, thirst for power, betrayal – these all are about the Curse of the Golden Flower. Apart from the luxurious life of the ruling family, a spectator will also dive into China’s history and the most significant events of those times.

Hero was shot by the same director as the Curse of the Golden Flower – Zhang Yimou. This is a historic action movie, with high budget and particular attention to the traditional combats. This is not only the film about martial arts, but it is also about honor, duty, love, will, and liberty. This movie is symbolic as each emotion is related to a particular color; then the colors are mixed into white or black depending on the point of view. Thus, the internal feelings, doubts, and concerns of the film characters can be felt by spectators.

The main characters have shown all the grace and mightiness of martial arts. All the fights are spectacular and breathtaking. Actors have thoroughly prepared for action scenes. It took them lots of weeks of training. Undoubtedly, their efforts have been worth the outcome. Combats are so realistic and enchanting. Hero is another drama about the great history of China, showing it from a different point of view.

Yip Man, 2008, directed by Wilson Yip, is an autobiographical movie about the person who actively developed kung fu and was a teacher and mentor of Bruce Lee. This is the film which depicts the life of the main character from his birth until death. Throughout his life, all the feelings, internal conflicts, and doubts are unveiled. All the scenes with fights are not simply about fighting. The philosophy of martial arts, as well as the beauty of body motions, are astonishing and exciting. Each move is so realistic and true-to-life that there is the effect of participation – a viewer dives into the world created by this masterpiece.

House of Flying Daggers is one more epic movie of Zhang Yimou which was released in 2004. The film was nominated for diverse rewards in China, as well as in the world. This is a fantastic adventurous movie with an accent on the martial arts. The scenes are fascinating. Besides, each spectator will feel all the feelings and emotions of the main characters. The story of their love is quite complicated an tragic. The main female character is blind. There is an impression that she is helpless, however, she is a master in the martial arts. Together with her beloved one, they are overcoming all the difficulties and winning over all the enemies on their way.

Each scene is beautiful and masterly directed. A viewer will have absolutely no doubts in a professional play of actors.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which was filmed in the genre of Wuxia. The film directed by Ang Lee. He has studied the art of filming in the USA. For this reason, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie is so alike to those from Hollywood. Ang Lee has managed to direct the film which has become a perfect blend of Wuxia and the style of Hollywood so beloved in the West. The actors have masterly acted their roles, as well as the scenes with fights, are in harmony with the philosophy of the film. Sometimes, it seems that the actors can really fly because the way the movie was edited is highly professional. The nature portrayed on the screen is magnificent and charming. Thus, a viewer may even notice that it plays its own role in the plot of the movie.

Undoubtedly, the movies which have been filmed in China impress the viewers with the beauty of nature along with the martial arts which make this country specific. Owing to the professionalism of actors, directors, and a whole team of filmmakers, spectators from the Western countries, can dive into the breathtaking oriental world while watching these masterpieces.