If you transcribe audio and video files, your Google Search positions will get stronger, and SEO results will be better. Audio and video transcription will assist your content in ranking higher in multiple ways. The transcription results are utilized by Google to understand and crawl the necessary files’ points. With audio and video transcription, it will be easier for the search engine to rank and find your content appropriately. The transcription results also give more content for the users of the website to consume.

Top Tools For Transcribing

However, doing audio and video transcription manually is a very exhausting and boring process. Here, you will get to know how to convert video and audio files into text with the help of various 9 transcription tools:


With Transcriberry, expert human transcribers make the transcriptions to make sure the accuracy is the highest. Once you place the order, your personal data remains safe and secure. No matter what requirements you have, Transcriberry can quickly deliver premium quality transcriptions for you. Moreover, the pricing system is very fair and clear, meaning you are supposed to pay only for minutes of the turnaround time of transcription content. Transcriberry takes into account grammar spelling context, making your speech awesome. Note that gambling, drugs, and stuff for adults are prohibited to be transcribed by Transcriberry. They promise 99% accuracy of the audio content transcribed.


This is an AI-powered assistant that will help master the collaboration through producing rich notes for presentations, interviews, and meetings. This tool is aware of the fact that you should concentrate not on taking notes but on the conversation. It is a contemporary way of finding and capturing necessary spoken data, enabling teams to be more engaged and productive. Otter.ai is useful to catch difficult words, by the way, to make your speech shine.


This service is one of the most accurate on the market. Millions of users trust it. It might transcribe more than 35 languages like Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and more. It is an unusual transcription service and online transcription platform. When you upload a file to it, it will take you less than five minutes to transcribe the text. There are options of auto-punctuation and auto speaker separation for your convenience.


This tool builds powerful and simple collaborative devices for current media creators. They strive to diminish the tedious work for creators to concentrate on cultivating their craft. There are such key features as human-powered and automatic transcription, powerful collaboration devices, the possibility to edit video and audio text, making Descript be one of the easiest and fastest ways to transcribe and edit.


This platform makes any video and audio shareable, editable, and searchable. They claim they utilize artificial intelligence to transcribe the spoken words automatically, so it is simple to find important elements. With Trint, the teams are connected for secure, fast, and seamless content creation, no matter whether you work from home or office. You might start a free trial with Trint for seven days.


This is an automatic voiceover, captioning, and transcription platform that lets you turn your video and audio files automatically to the desired format. This automatic artificial intelligence processor will voiceover, caption, and transcribe your files, sending them back very quickly to you. You might edit your videos with the help of this easy and advanced editor. Then, you might share and save with your audience.


This tool might bring amazingly accurate, insanely quick, and affordable automated transcription. You should not wait for days or hours with it. It features proper quality, delivering transcripts at accuracy and speed you will never believe. For instance, you might transcribe a sixty minutes file in less than ten minutes. This tool is created for expert content creators who transcribe video and audio files with properly recorded audio that are targeted at distribution or editing.


This tool is supposed to convert your audio automatically to text for the cost of traditional services and a fraction of the time. With its voice recognition technology, the timestamps are generated, and speakers are identified for you. It supports more than one hundred languages for mastered accuracy. With its online editor, your media file is played in-sync with your transcript for easy and fast editing. You might download and export your transcript as SubRip, WebVTT, HTML, Text, MS Word, or PDF.

Rev Voice Recorder.

With it, you might record audio and voice that will create and record audio files, which you might transcribe from the phone directly. Plug the external microphone or utilize the phone’s mic and hit record. This app will help you organize the files properly and send them directly to Rev Voice Recorder for transcription. So you will get the accurate text file to be delivered to the inbox effortlessly and fast, with a 99% accuracy rate.

Tips for selecting the automatic transcription software

The automatic transcription software products’ features might vary. That is the main reason why you are supposed to check the software’s features list when you search for the new automatic transcription software. You should consider such aspects as the text editing tools amount, the software transcription video and audio files accuracy, the supported languages’ number before you make up your mind which tool to choose.

Do not worry about the compatibility of the software because you will only need a web browser to utilize various automatic subscription software products. Nevertheless, if you want to transcribe your video and audio files from the smartphone, you would better check whether the application is compatible with the operating system as well as with your device.

Not all of the automatic transcription software products are free of charge, so you will have to choose the monthly subscription plan that is the most suitable for you. If you need to transcribe hundreds of video and audio content every month, it would be better for you to buy a monthly subscription instead of paying for minutes.


You should not spend countless hours on video and audio file transcriptions because you might use automatic transcription software products as a solution to your problem. Moreover, you are not supposed to go via the software installation process because every automatic transcription software product mentioned above might be utilized from a web browser.