The history of Munich dates back to Roman Times when the city was not even over the map. In the 8th century, the Benedictine monks settled into that area, and it was named Munchen, which means “Monk settlement.”Urbanization was initiated in the area during the 19th century.

Modern-day Munich is known for its architecture, fine culture, museums, its vibrant cultural scene. Its extravagant annual Oktoberfest beer celebration is quite popular, which is held in Autumn. The streets present the picture of an open-air museum, while the banks of River Isar spread calm and serenity throughout the city.

If you are planning to visit Munich any time soon, it’s better to opt for Munich tours so that all your time in the city is utilized the best it can be!

Underground Mines in the Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum stands among the world’s top and largest sci-tech museum, featuring different astonishing objects (approx. 28,000 masterpieces from different fields of science and technology). It is also called”The Museum of Masterpieces in Science and Technology.”

But, the real deal is Mine Exhibition, which is held at the mines beneath the DeutschesMuseum. The exhibition is a terrific sight to viewers and provides its visitors an outstanding opportunity to learn about coal and salt, modern ore mining, shaft sinking, and a lot more. Besides, exhibitions from other categories like Natural Sciences, transport, Kids Kingdom, are also held at the museum and are equally interesting.

Let alone exhibition, most of the visitors don’t even know about the hidden underground mines of Deutsches Museum.

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The Rose Island

The Rose Island stands among one of the hidden get best-kept secrets of Munich. The island is a surprising spot that features stunning views and breathtaking scenery. Whereas, its most prominent feature is its Prehistoric Dwellings, which were discovered by archaeologists and have been featured in the list of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage. The entire journey through the island leaves a mesmerizing and everlasting impact on the memories of tourists.

The Dragon at City Hall

The fans of magical lore like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and the Lord of the Rings have an exciting secret hidden in Munich. Clicking a picture with a giant dragon sounds like a cool idea! Well, there’s this impressively designed Dragon at Marienplatz1, Munich City Hall. The giant crafted Dragon is clinging towards the side of the building, presenting a fantastic sight of craft to the viewers.

The City Hall’s Dragon is actually the commemoration of a local Munich legend from the Mid ages, which, as narrated by Munich’s residents, states that a serpent with wings arose from the ground and started eating people. This all happened when the Plague (Black Death) was killing hundreds of people in Europe.

The residents fought with the creature and eventually killed it. The Plague then subsided. So, conclusively the Dragon is a mere representation of significant symbolism i.e., the power of myth, the will to live, and the ownership that people of Munich hold over the date fate of their community.

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The Ostpark

Munich has many beautiful parks, but there’s this park in the East of the city that’s different from other parks in many ways. It is the Ostpark located far from the hustle and bustle of the city and is less busy than other parks. The park is absolutely worth visiting as it braces its visitors with a breathtaking view and amazing feeling of being in the beautiful Bavarian countryside.

The park’s ground offers a huge space where multiple activities could be carried out, from playing sports at one of the many courts and fields to exploring the beautiful lakes and woods or simply just chilling out. You can have an awesome time here. This place totally deserves a visit in the evening!

Haxnbauer Restaurant

What good of your visit to Munich, Germany, if you don’t get to eat authentic Bavarian food! The Haxnbauer Restaurant at Munich is a super fancy restaurant that does offer not only the historically fantastic and authentic Bavarian food but also an ambient, lively, and subtle sitting atmosphere.

You must give its meat dish Haxn a try, that is what the restaurant is famous for! As for starters, their Apple strudel is beyond amazing. Besides, this is your place to have the best beer in the city.

Now that you know the hidden gems of Germany, you should make sure you don’t miss visiting them on your trip to Germany.