Amusement parks attract families and thrill seekers all over the world. There are many different parks attracting millions of customers every year. Not all the parks are the same, and there are specific categories within this industry, and they include the small, pop-up, or semi-permanent rides that are seen with fairs, malls, public parks, and private backyards. These types of amusement rides are easy to assemble, disassemble and are made in strictly confined and tested quality controlled environments.

Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, is a Chinese amusement park equipment manufacturer that specializes in these smaller versions of the classic large rides. Some rides are made smaller than the original, such as the backyard Roller Coaster, which I present in this review.

Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

Before I present the ride, let’s take a look at the company behind it. After all, amusement park rides have to withstand constant use, high torque, high G-force and heavy loads that vary for every ride. Any company that produces such activity level products must meet and go beyond the basic quality assurance standards. Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd. is one such company, and it presents a formidable array of quality assurance certificates that are maintained constantly. These are not just certificates for the show; these are corporate culture and way of production.

The company has a 70,000 sqm facility that is ergonomically organized for optimum lean manufacturing using the latest six sigma processes and employs only the best engineers using the latest technology CNC and NC machines.

The Backyard Roller Coaster

The Backyard Roller Coaster is a smaller version of the large roller coaster rides you are familiar with in many amusement parks such as Six Flags and Disney World. This rollercoaster is designed for youngsters in mind, families with small children and is also an exciting ride for adults of all ages.

Thrill seekers will enjoy a tight, compact and fast roller coaster experience in the comfort of their backyard.

The model has an 800mm track center with a total track length around 260m. The track holds 7 standard cars and 1 first car. Each car is designed to hold two people, and the total ride is designed for 16 people.


The equipment height, when set up, is 11m, and the work height is set at 9.8m, and it sits in a surface area of 30 x 47m (1,410 square meters.). The power used by this ride is 93.2kW, and the total ride length is 290m.

The materials used in manufacturing this assembly is steel for the columns and the lifting devices. The lifting devices include a train drive system, this lifts the train to the top of the track using a chain, and de-chains to release the cars on their downward motion. There is an anti-reverse track that helps stabilize the train.

The cars a come with two motors that turn the opposite way of the motion of the car, propelling the train through the brakes. The brakes are pneumatic, triggered by solenoid valves. The pneumatic system is attached for optimum constant air pressure, and the electrical system uses a SIEMENS S7-200 programmable logic controller (PLC).

This model comes with brake control proximity switches, vehicle body position detection proximity switches; safety lever unlock limit switches, pressure bar compression limit switches, brake status detection proximity switches, de-chain detection proximity switches, and a motor control center (MCC) with 2 consoles.


This is a fantastic backyard roller coaster kit that can be set up permanently or as a pop-up. Great value for money, and will provide decades of fun when maintained properly.