It’s hardly possible to talk of beauty accessories without mentioning the gua sha face massage tool. If you’ve used jade rollers in the past, then chances are that you might have come across the gua sha concept. Gua sha originated from Asia and is a type of massage that has lately made a mark not only in the oriental parts but also in the Western beauty scene. The many benefits of gua sha are behind its surge in popularity. If this massage technique is new to you, do not worry. In this article, we stop at nothing to reveal all the finer details you need to know about the technique.

What is Gua Sha massage?

Gua Sha, much like acupuncture, is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese Medicine. The technique is famed for its therapeutic benefits to the skin. Today, if you hear of the term gua sha, it’s probably being used to refer to the beauty accessory as opposed to the massage. However, it is worth noting that in Asia where the practice originated, the tool is commonly used in alternative medicine.

Gua sha can be translated loosely to mean “scrape away disease or fever”. That is why the technique relieves physical pain, for example in the joints or muscles. It uses vigorous scraping strokes. The technique is even used for fighting fatigue and stress.

As is the case with most energizing massages, this type of massage encourages the lymphatic circulation to flush out toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and promote drainage. This is because when the body eliminates bad energies, pains and aches disappear almost on cue.

Anfisa gua sha involves the use of a spatula tool that is created from a buffalo horn. This tool is then used for massaging the skin. Over time, however, the tool was modernized and adjusted. Today, you can easily hold it in your hand, and is mainly used for facial massage purposes.

The traditional Gua Sha method involves using a “spatula” made from a buffalo horn to massage the skin, but over time, the Gua Sha tool has been adjusted and modernized. Now it can be held easily in the palm of the hand, as it’s mostly used for massaging the face (especially in the West). It’s also made from finer materials, such as jade or quartz. We have the best-quality gua sha tool crafted from rose quartz. This stone is said to represent peace and love, and it also has detoxifying and soothing effects on the body.

The benefits of Gua Sha for the face

There are many reasons a gua sha facial massage has gained such levels of popularity. Among these include the fact that it boosts circulation, stimulates cell renewal, and restores radiance. Due to these benefits, it has become an integral tool for fighting aging signs. Also, the results of gua sha are pretty quick. You will typically enjoy its benefits in a matter of weeks when you invest only a couple of minutes a day. Also, the tool is ridiculously easy to use. Also, each side of the tool is designed for a particular part of the face. Finally, sneaking the ritual into your skincare routine is incredibly easy.

You Get More luminous skin

By dint of the fact that gua sha massage to the face improves blood circulation, it restores skin radiance. Your skin cells will be regenerated, and the tissues are more regenerated, which makes the technique the best choice for those looking for a healthy glow on the spot. Because it works deep down to encourage blood circulation, this type of massage also fights stress and fatigue.

Toxin-free, healthier-looking skin

This massage technique is often advised for people that have skins prone to blemishes. By flushing toxins out of your body every day, the technique also doubles up as a detox massage. This also means that it eliminates impurities from the skin to ensure they no longer sit on the surface of your skin. The result is that spots, irregularities, and blackheads will fade away gradually.

More Youthful Skin

One of the main benefits of the gua sha technique is that it prevents wrinkle formation and that fine lines. This fights aging, which helps you to tackle loss of firmness, especially around your jawline.

So, why is stimulating facial muscles so important? Well, the reason the facial skin ages comparatively faster than that of other body parts, is that the skin in your face is more tightly attached to muscles. When you stimulate these muscles, you get an instant firming effect to help you fight sagging and at the same time prevent aging. The technique also helps to even the skin tone out.

Rested eyes

Used on the eye area, gua sha massage harmonizes energy flow and boosts microcirculation. This reduces the appearance of puffiness and under-eye bags.

Our Anfisa Gua Sha is for all types of skin

The gua sha massage tool is specifically shaped to glide easily around your face angles and also along the contours. It has soft and rounded edges to suit all kinds of skins, including sensitive ones. The Anfisa gua sha tool is quartz-made which has very specific qualities and special symbolism. Quartz is long believed to be the stone of peace and love, and it helps to soothe and calm the skin, reduce stress, and also relieve physical tensions. Also, the energy that comes from rose quartz is perfect for dispelling negative, toxic thoughts, something that makes a connection with love.


You don’t have to visit a professional salon or spa to enjoy a nice gua sha massage. Now, it’s possible to get this relaxing and refreshing massage at home. The best thing is that the face massage tool is pretty easy to use, as all you need is to hold it in your hands and then glide it with slow, long strokes over your face. Always ensure that you work outwards from the center. The procedure should be repeated several times, and remember to put more emphasis on the eye area. Greater attention is also suggested for the cheeks and nose bridge.