Excessive amounts of money, alcohol, sex, violence, and dodgy dealings – all the hallmarks of a scandalously entertaining Casino drama film.

Casinos are the center of the action for many famous thrillers and we just can’t help but enjoy the ride Thankfully, the casinos in real life are less drama-packed so you can enjoy playing slots in peace, sometimes with free spins offers. Still, there are some wonderful casino films out there worth chowing down popcorn for. Check out these top flicks below.


21 is a blockbuster hit based on the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team, albeit it’s more exaggerated. The film follows a group of insanely clever university students who travel to Las Vegas to win thousands of dollars until they’re caught by security after their professor tips them off. One student, Ben, only wishes to make enough money to study at Harvard Medical School but all that money soon gets to his head as the story progresses.

Ocean’s Eleven

A stellar cast travels to Las Vegas to steal $150 million from the famous Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand casinos. Danny Ocean recruits a team of eleven criminal specialists to break into the casinos’ vaults and carry the plan forward in Ocean’s Eleven. But, as you can imagine, it’s not going to be easy. This action-packed film is full of drama that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.


Casino follows the story of how Las Vegas came to be the luxurious holiday destination we know today. This film takes a close look at the criminal undertakings and gangsters that once ruled the casinos of Las Vegas – there’s a reason why the most famous casino destination in the world earned the reputation of ‘Sin City’, and it certainly wasn’t because of all those bachelor parties. Casino is based on the true story of Frank Rosenthal, who ran many illegal casinos in the state of Nevada.

The Sting

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, this 1973 film is named after that horrible stinging feeling after you lose a bet. The Sting is set during the Great Depression, which is when gambling really erupted in the United States of America. Two con men team up to take revenge on a crime boss in the streets of Chicago, but things don’t go according to plan. You’ve got all your favorite games in this film as the con men battle it out over games of roulette, poker, and horse-racing betting!

Rain Man

The casino only makes an appearance towards the end of the movie, but Rain Man is an enthralling film that broke the boundaries of cinema through its depiction of autism, winning a tremendous four Oscars. Starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, hustler Charlie finds out that his father leftover $3 million to his autistic brother who he never knew existed. Charlie visits his brother, Raymond, and the two of them embark on a road trip. After Charlie finds himself $80,000 in debt, the brothers travel to Las Vegas to win money to cover the debt. This is a heart-warming tale about the power of the bond between two brothers.

Casino Royale

Everyone’s favorite 007 agent ventures to the beautiful beaches of Montenegro to win a game of poker against his arch-nemesis in Casino Royale. A young James Bond has only just completed his 00 agency training and is on a mission to earn his license to kill. His first mission is to bankrupt the terrorist financier, Le Chiffre, at the Casino Royale. No James Bond film ever disappoints, so you know you’re in for a wild ride.