To all the travel freaks out there, if you have chosen Maui as your next trip destination, I can assure you that you are in for an adventure of a lifetime. If you are traveling to Maui for the first time, there are a few tips that will come in very handy.

This Hawaiian piece of paradise is famous for its high peaks, volcanos, waterfalls, and eye-catching horizons. When it comes to Maui, you should not only look for natural beauty, but the scenic view from mansions is also an experience you should look forward to. Keeping the best views in mind, here are three Maui mansions that will blow your mind away.

3190 S Kihei Rd

This piece of the architectural haven was built in 2015, and if you are someone who adores the beach, you are going to love this mansion. With four of its five bedrooms directly facing the ocean, you won’t even have to go outside to enjoy sunsets or sunrises.

Along with the five bedrooms, this mansion has seven bathrooms, a full-fledged kitchen, a special wine room, a spa, and a media room that contains a cinema screen where you can relax.

With the mansion spreading over 31,000 square feet, you can own this perfect house for spending your holiday in about $22,800,000. However, if you are looking for an exquisite place to stay for a couple of days, you can also look at mansions for rent in Maui.

The Penthouse Maui

Sitting on the Kamaole Beach Park in South Kihei, this penthouse is one of the most beautiful places to stay for a couple of nights in Maui. Everyone who has stayed there has advocated the beauty of the house for its mesmerizing panoramic views and scintillating sunsets.

The house contains a special podium where you can enjoy the beach with your loved ones and provides the residents with swimming wear and surfing amenities so that you enjoy your stay to the fullest.

The Blue Tile Beach House

Whenever people ask me about the best place to visit in Maui, there is one suggestion I give to all of them: Paia. When it comes to providing a balance between scenic beauty and tasty food, there is no comparison of Paia. Located in the north of Maui, it offers one of the most beautiful beaches, tropical sceneries, lush pastures, and great local restaurants.

The Blue Tile Beach House is located in the heart of Paia, so you have access to all of the nearby attractions. It is an extraordinary six-bedroom mansion, with two wings. One wing contains the oceanfront suits while the other one has bedrooms and all of the other rooms.

This mansion is also only a couple of minutes’ drive away from Hana, where you can enjoy different volcanoes and craters such as the famous Haleakala Crater. However, renting this beautiful mansion isn’t that easy as it is filled with travelers throughout the year so you should make the booking as early as possible.