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Timeshare Freedom Group is another timeshare exit company that is present in over 15 locations in the United States. In addition, the company claims to be able to assist people to exit their timeshare ownerships. It provides timeshare mortgage and maintenance fee cancellation services from its headquarters in Laguna Hills, California. Since the time of its inception in 2010, Timeshare Freedom Group has been spending a lot of money on marketing.

Their commercials can be found all over! Television commercials are just some of the ones. They are also present on the radio, the internet, Facebook, and even on YouTube. Because it demonstrates that the company is willing to put their reputation at risk, endorsements can be a positive indicator. Nevertheless, authenticity is essential. It is never a good idea to rely on paid statements only. Before you work with the company – Timeshare Freedom Group, you should be aware of a few things.

Cost and Fees of Timeshare Freedom Group

If you check the reviews of timeshare cancellation companies, you will find that Timeshare Freedom Group has not mentioned their fees on the website. By this, you might wonder – Is Timeshare Freedom Group a legit company? According to the company, prices vary based on whether you owe a mortgage or not. In addition, it also depends on how long your timeshare contract has been in effect. In the cancellation industry, this is omnipresent.

Fees for the Timeshare Freedom Group can range from $3,000 to $8,000. It is always advised to negotiate the price with them. Compared to other companies that sell timeshares, the price is about average. However, trying to negotiate a lower price is always a good idea! Additionally, the business prefers in-person meetings for the most part.

Working Process of Timeshare Freedom Group

The team of Timeshare Freedom Group lay emphasizes a four-step working strategy when they strategies and rescue you from your timeshare contract. Timeshare Freedom Group follows the below steps to take you out of the timeshare ownership.

  • As the first step, the company arranges a free consultation session for you. During this free consultation session, a company representative will explain how they will rescue the owner from his timeshare ownership. Also, he will decide if the company should accept your case or not.
  • The company representative will prepare your timeshare cancellation file in the second step. During this process, he will collect crucial documents and paperwork. Also, he will assign a committed timeshare cancellation manager.
  • Now comes the time for the third step, when the company representative assesses your timeshare contract. Also, he thinks about all the legal options available for you at the moment. In addition, the company counsels the client’s case in court.
  • In the fourth and final step, you finally find yourself free from the timeshare ownership and the company’s financial obligations. It is your time to celebrate your independence from timeshare ownership.

With the hope that these steps were helpful for you, let’s find out if Timeshare Freedom Group is a legit timeshare exit company.

Is Timeshare Freedom Group a Legitimate Company?

Overall speaking, Timeshare Freedom Group seems like a legit timeshare cancellation firm. If you check the reviews of timeshare cancellation companies, you’ll see that Timeshare Freedom Group has the most powerful and reputable position across the timeshare exit market. But because of the latter-day circumstances, their team can only give you an authentic recommendation once your case is resolved.

A Final Note

Is Timeshare Freedom Group a Legit Company? Overall speaking, the company appears to be a legit timeshare cancellation company. As this is not mentioned on the company’s website, it is unknown whether Timeshare Freedom Group charges for their services upfront or uses another payment method. There will be up-front costs because they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.