photo of blue crew-neck tops

It is difficult to stand out from the many apparel brands that flood the fashion industry. There will likely be much struggle and frustration, but it can be worth it. You will need significant determination, a good mix of caution and risk-taking, focus, and creative persistence.

If you are ready to put everything you have into making your apparel brand stand out, let’s talk about tips for making it happen.

Offer unique designs

Many people love a great plain t-shirt, such as the kind you can get through the Bella + Canvas Maker’s Program. There is a reason blank t-shirts are staples in everyone’s wardrobe. As a seller, if you want your apparel brand to stand out, a unique design on t-shirts could help it do that.

As a creative individual, you know it is easier said than done to come up with a striking design you want to showcase to the world. The best place to start is with what you know. Write down ideas that make you happy and some that do not, significant memories, and anything else about you that you are willing to share.

Jotting down this information could trigger a wave of creative ideas that may lead to a unique design for your apparel brand.

Take risks

Being part of the fashion industry involves taking many risks. It can be scary to feel so vulnerable, but it is often necessary to gain success and have people take notice of your brand and what it has to offer. Taking risks does not mean being reckless. On the contrary, calculated risks can mean the difference between having your clothing designs stay in the background and coming to the forefront.

If you are ever stuck trying to determine if a particular risk is worth it, the best thing you can do is a tried-and-true pro and con list. Taking the time to do this step, then reviewing and evaluating each aspect, could help you decide.

Keep evolving your creativity

A significant way to help your apparel brand stand out is to keep your creativity evolving. Everyone has different methods that work best for them. So you can keep thinking of fresh design ideas, releasing new products, establishing collaborations, and selling clothing composed of materials you have never used (such as organic cotton).

To evolve your creativity on a personal level, you could travel to another country or another town and explore somewhere different, take online classes, and try something new and exciting. Of course, trying new things and having unique experiences can be challenging when you are already busy with daily responsibilities. However, taking the time to do so could help you in ways you may still need to be aware of but will learn over time.

Provide exceptional customer service

A bad customer service experience is memorable. It tends to stick with you, which differs from what you want to associate with your brand. No one likes to be on the receiving end of adverse treatment. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, your employees should reflect your brand, from wearing the apparel you sell to interacting with shoppers.

Online customer service is just as important, but there also needs to be the added caution of ensuring the words come across positively, which can be challenging through virtual correspondence. In any industry, including fashion, impeccable customer service is essential and non-negotiable.

Give back to the community

Giving back to your community has many benefits, most notably supporting the local area and its residents. It can also be great marketing for your apparel brand on a business level. You can demonstrate your altruistic side, which can reflect positively on your apparel brand.

If you and your employees wear your brand’s clothing to community events, the public can see what items they could purchase. Wear pieces that are most likely to resonate with those in attendance.

Offer a memorable shopping experience

Customers tend to remember how they felt while shopping at a particular business, whether online or in person. At a physical location, shoppers can often recall the vibe, how employees treated them, how the store looked, whether or not they liked being there, and how good the apparel looked throughout the layout. Online, it can range from the ease of navigating the website to the simplicity of the checkout process.

Your apparel brand should evoke a positive shopping experience regardless of whether it is online or in person. It should stand out for all the right reasons and make shoppers return.

Have a story worth reading

Your success in having an apparel brand took time. So what is your story for how you got to where you are? Share it with your customers and let them know, but put your heart and feelings into it.

Your story is important and worth more than it consists of: “I like clothes. I went to school. I got a job. I started my apparel brand.” There is so much more to say between the lines, and telling your story can help potential and current customers want to get to know more about you and your brand. People often do not want perfection. They want genuine.

While you want to showcase the positives, consider mentioning your difficulties, such as feeling defeated when your first t-shirt design did not result in many sales. It can help depict your determination to get where you are without signs of stopping.

Make everything high-quality

Everyone has come across subpar clothing at some point. The material may be flimsy, the seams fray, and the design needs more organization than minutes. The name of your apparel brand and “high-quality” should always go hand-in-hand and stand out in all the best ways.

The company must only offer the best if you buy blank wholesale clothes from a wholesaler. Each piece is essentially a part of your apparel brand’s foundation, and every single one must be exceptional. It is always a good time to start making positive changes for your apparel brand to stand out and move forward, even without enough time or money.

Remember to start small and go from there. You never know when one tremendous change can result in a favorable shift for your business.