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Mainland Texas has incredible locations and events for group trips. Austin boasts some of the best music festivals in the whole country, while San Antonio is famed for its historic landmarks. Houston is home to world-class museums with Dallas being a center for sporting events. But what if you are looking for something different? Like a waterfront by-the-beach kind of vacation where you walk on the sand while sipping some margaritas? It may be that what you need is to take a trip to Galveston. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know when planning a group trip to Galveston. From the best places to visit and things do to the best Galveston transportation services, we will share with you everything you need to know. Read on to learn more about how to organize a great trip from Houston to Galveston.

Start Planning Early

As a state, Texas is quite big. This means that when you are traveling to Galveston from most cities in the state, you will need up to 5 hours and this isn’t even factoring in the traffic jams, which are inevitable. Houston to Galveston is about an hour, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid driving through most towns on your route to Galveston.

If you have never been to Houston or it has taken a while since you were here, you need to spare some hours to explore the city before you catch hop onto a taxi or a rented car from Houston to Galveston. There are lots of Montrose local hotspots where you can spend some time or even visit Space Center Houston for some serious learning. Once you are ready to head to Galveston, you will be relaxed and in the best shape of mind.

Arrange Your Transportation Early

To ensure the best Houston to Galveston transportation, you need to take into account the time that you will be traveling in with your group. The peak time for tourism in Galveston is during the summer and the spring. During this time, accommodation and group transportation costs can easily skyrocket.

Black Car Rental Houston provides flexible transport services to group tourists and individuals that can work perfectly with your itinerary. However, they can’t always control demand. The best time to book with them is three months in advance during the off-peak seasons and at least 6 months in advance when you are planning to visit during peak times. Not only are you likely to get cheaper rates when you book early but your group will also have lots of vehicles to choose from.

You need to apply the same booking tactics when it comes to reserving lodgings in Galveston. Lodging costs will be most expensive during summer and spring. It may be cheaper to reserve your room far earlier in advance but summer vacation and Mardi Gras crowds to push up the cost of rooms no matter what. If you want carnival cruise transportation from Houston to Galveston, you can find out from your travel agency.

Build an itinerary

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to Galveston for many days of Mardi Gras parties or if you just want to tour The Strand and East End for some historic lessons. The most important thing to your success is having an itinerary for your trip.

This doesn’t mean that you have a strict minute-by-minute plan. It’s just important to have a general idea about the things you will be doing and when. This is important in keeping the group on track with the trip. When creating a group itinerary, make sure you inquire about any group admission discounts to attractions on the list.

Almost all the most popular attractions in Galveston like the Moody Gardens, offer guided tour options, group discounts, and extra experiences such as animal encounters.

If you don’t go for the all-inclusive package, make sure that for your meals, you get group dining reservations. Just as we’ve said already, Galveston is super busy during its peak seasons, and finding a spot for two or more people to eat can be difficult.

Choose Your Beach Wisely

What is the biggest priority of your group? Is it to coast on the Gulf of Mexico and catch some sun? There are nearly a dozen beaches in Galveston to choose from. But some beaches tend to be better suited for families than others. In the same way, if you want kid-friendly beaches, you need to research in advance.

If you want an adult beach, you better head to East Beach. This is among the few Galveston beaches that permit the use of alcohol on its precincts and has become popular for concerts ad festivals. But if you want a beach that’s more appropriate for adults and also far away from any party crowds, you might be best off at Galveston Island State Park. Another alternative is Stewart Beach. Ask your Galveston to Houston transportation provider to tell you where to buy fishing equipment, beach gear, or anything else you require during your time out.


Unless you have a close friend up in Houston, there is no way for cruisers to move from Houston to Galveston cheaply. Be ready to pay a minimum of $150 per person for a roundtrip. Also, expect to take at least one hour.

However, it is possible to save some money if you are smart with your choice of transportation from Houston Hobby to the Galveston cruise terminal. Of all the three options of an independent shuttle, cruise line shuttle, and private car service, the last option is often the most convenient.

Black Car Service Houston is one of the leading private car companies that you can hire for your Galveston transportation. We boast high-performance cars like Mercedes Sprint Vans, Black Cadillac, Sedans, and sports utility vehicles or SUVs. With highly trained drivers, we guarantee the best personal chauffeur service Houston folks can ever get. Our drivers are knowledgeable in local routes and will take the quickest time to arrive at your destination.