One of the most valuable and precious resources today is crude oil. It is called ‘black gold’ due to its significance. The economic system at each stage can be highly influenced by the changes in the price of commodities such as crude oil, from basic family expenses to a state’s GDP. A sudden hike or drop in prices can affect the market globally.

Investing in crude oil can give you massive profits, that’s many folds your investment. However, if things turn the other way, it can leave you bankrupt as well. You can start investing at Oil Profit today.

But before that, let’s have a look at all the major factors that one must take into account before investing in crude oil. The risk of each factor is also mentioned which can further guide you to make a better decision.

Mutual Funds

Buying shares in mutual oil funds are considered a low-risk way to invest in crude oil, yet a great one too. The sole purpose of the oil fund (sometimes referred to as oil and gas fund) is to get investment from the pool of money in this sector.


Exchange-Traded Funds are similar to mutual funds and investing in these is considered a low-risk way to invest in crude oil. An investment fund that is traded over a stock exchange is called the Exchange-Traded Fund. One can get enough exposure in the oil industry commodity by investing in mutual oil funds or exchange. By doing so, you also do not have to deal directly with the commodity spot prices.

The price at which a commodity (precious raw material) is traded in the marketplace, is called the commodity spot price. It can occur at any instant in time.

Geographical Risks

The authoritative expectation of the presence of oil is certainly somewhat capricious. Even though mechanical headways have made it simpler for shale proprietors to recognize oil and concentrate it with the most extreme productivity, there’s as yet a specific measure of hazard concerning exactness. FIG Tree comprehends the justification anxiety among financial backers, subsequently, the group conducts topographical reviews for guaranteeing the presence of oil before it invests in a well.

Large Cap Stock Investments

Investing in companies that have worth more than five billion dollars are called Large Cap stocks investments. Some of the examples of such oil companies are

  • Exxon Mobile
  • British Petroleum
  • Chevron
  • Royal Dutch Shell


The American way of equity protection is called ADRs. By American equity, we mean the representation of one or more foreign company’s share being helped in any American bank in the home stock market of the foreign country.

Political Scenario

On the off chance, that there’s a major change in the political situation, it may influence the oil industry. New governments frequently present changes in exchange levies, assessments, and work laws, which would affect oil ventures. To deflect such a situation, you ought to contribute with a firm that has an exhaustive comprehension of the market and its possible volatilities.

Purchase Future Contracts

By buying futures contracts of oil, you can invest in crude oil as well. But this way of investing can be quite risky. So if you are willing to take a risk, only then go for this option. By buying a contract, it means that by some specific date, the investor plan on selling the stake of the oil. It is just like gambling on predicting the future prices of crude oil.

The investor can bring in cash if the prices of the crude oil rose, whereas, on the other hand, the investor can lose the money in case of diminishing of prices of the oil. The catch is, however, that the agreement financial backer needs to follow through on their agreement’s guarantees even though it will make the person in question lose cash.

Putting resources into future oil contracts can be dangerous or risky because the measure of cash you can lose when the costs of oil and gas diminish can be colossal.

Varying Oil Prices

There are consistently inborn dangers during boring/deep oil drilling while other eccentric operational expenses can affect the benefit and achievement pace of any venture. An incredible method to lessen the danger included is by broadening the speculation portfolio. FIG Tree has various wells in every one of their projects in various areas, which implies we are constantly ready for unanticipated issues through broadened speculation choices in this area.

Micro-Cap Investment

One can invest in smaller crude oil companies or limited partnerships. This is also called micro-cap stock as this is a small market capitalization.

Such an investment is called micro-cap investment if you buy stocks from a company that has a value between twenty-five million dollars to three hundred million dollars.

Making micro-cap stock gas and oil organization speculations is safer than purchasing stock in a significant oil organization. Accordingly, on the off chance that you are a fledgling oil stock financial backer or you have a more dangerous disinclined character yet need to purchase stock in an oil organization, this could be the route for you to do as such. One advantage of a small or micro-cap stock venture is the limitless development capability of these organizations.

Small-Cap Investment

One can invest in smaller crude oil companies or limited partnerships. This is also called micro-cap stock as this is a small market capitalization. Such an investment is called a small-cap investment if you buy a stock from a public company that has worth less than two billion dollars.

The huge measure of cash stockholders in a small-cap oil and gas organization that is purchased by a bigger contender make is because of procurement expenses. This is because these procurement charges offer financial backers on numerous occasions the measure of cash of the organization’s unique stock cost.

Regardless of whether the small or micro-cap organization that you put resources into doesn’t wind up transforming into some enormous oil and gas organization stalwart one day, it can, in any case, be sufficiently effective to be purchased out by a huge oil and gas contender organization. If this occurs, you as a stockholder of the first small or micro-cap organization will in any case rake in some serious cash.

Now that you know all there is to know, you can make a smart and safe investment and if you’re doing it all right, you’re in for a big catch!