Self-love is about putting yourself first before everything else and that is inclusive of your health too. You ought to prioritize your health concerns. After All, you need energy for a successful daily work routine. You are the master of your own body at whichever cost.

But in what way should you boost your health status? More so, cure, prevent, or treat ailments. Most persons have the mentality that only pharmaceutical medicine prescribed by medical experts is the only remedy to health complications; unaware that herbal supplements perform a similar function.

If you didn’t know, herbal medicine has been in existence since time immemorial way before the industrial revolution began. All cultures relied on them for medication. Currently, it is easily available on shelves of selling stores. And still effective as they were during traditional times.

In line with what your healthcare needs are, below are the top 10 health supplements sampled out from the variety. Tried every prescribed drug without any promising sign of recovering? Not all hope is lost. Make an effort to experiment with these herbal supplements.


Ginseng is a reputable herbal medicine that dates its origin to the Chinese soils. You can either steep its roots to make its tea or crush them into a powdery form for consumption.

Gingseng is loved for its ability to boost immunity and memory besides its anti-oxidation and inflammatory properties. It exists in several varieties but the Asian and Korean types are the most popular. Short term use is said to be effective while in the long term, it is quite not clear whether it is safe.


Turmeric is well-known as a spice in food prepping but these users barely know that it is a beneficial herbal supplement. It belongs to the botanical family of ginger.

With curcumin as the main active compound, turmeric works effectively to treat inflammatory conditions such as eczema, treats anxiety, and reduces chronic pain. It also prevents severe health conditions such as heart complications, cancer, and diabetes.

Although it is an ingredient in cooking, cooked turmeric has significantly little medical benefits. The best method of consumption is by mouth and nothing less than 500mg dose to achieve its full potential of the said health benefits.


Echinacea basically is a group of flowering plants in the same family as a daisy. The group consists of nine types among which only three are medicinal: E.pallida (with pale petals), E. Angustifolia( with narrow petals), and E. purpurea ( with purple petals).

The plant’s parts like leaves, petals, and roots are used in making herbal treatments. They are either used to make tea or herbal supplements or applied to the ailing external body part. Echinacea aids in healing wounds. It is believed to reduce symptoms of common cold alongside yeast infections, influenza, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, and many more. Though most of these findings are not medically proven and more of anecdotal reports.


Garlic belongs to the family of onions. It is used as a food spice and a herbal cure for certain ailments. Garlic has been in use for thousands of years and to date, it is still a potential medicine.

The active compounds in garlic are capable of healing one from bronchitis, common cold, dementia, Alzheimer as well as reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. It also lowers the risk of heart diseases keeping you strong and healthy. To sum it up, garlic boosts your immunity.

St John’s Wort

St john’s wort is a type of herbal medicine extracted from Hypericum paforatum, which is a flowering plant. Its use is indigenous to Greece.

Its tiny yellow flowers are used to make herbal tea, extracts or capsules. St. John wort’s still is a common prescription by some medical doctors in parts of Europe. It is an effective remedy for mild to moderate depression, insomnia, and several lung and kidney complications. However, it is frequently used as an antidepressant.

Gingko Biloba

Chinese have been using ginkgo Biloba for thousands of years as herbal medicine. Gingko Biloba, also known as gingko, is obtained from a maidenhair tree. Currently, it is the best-selling herbal supplement in the world.

Its tea, tinctures, and other extracts aid in the treatment of insomnia, mental disorders, heart diseases, sexual dysfunctions, and dementia among other illnesses. Gingko is easily available at selling stores and online as well.


Native to the Southeast Asian region, kratom is a medicinal herb for decades now. It exists in a variety of strains that range in quality and medicinal benefits.

Out of all kratom products, only capsules and kratom tea are used for therapeutic purposes. Kratom is beneficial in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is also an incredible analgesic you can seek for when feeling unwell.

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Green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular teas worldwide. Its health benefits are not just a few but several.

It is a powerful anti-oxidant good for your immunity. Green tea is a great choice for reducing the risks of several diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and high blood pressure.

If you are looking to lose much weight, you can try out green tea. It boosts your metabolism to increase the rate of fat burning. Besides, it alleviates skin inflammations for healthy skin.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a dry fruit extracted from small palm trees that are indigenous to the southeastern part of the US. It is best-known to boost especially men’s health.

Apart from preventing hair loss, saw palmetto can combat reproductive and urinary tract complications. It is known to be effective in the treatment of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy), a condition that may lead to sexual dysfunctions. it is reported to improve testosterone levels and benefit prostate health.


ginger is a common cooking ingredient just like turmeric. it is used as a herbal medicine too. It is either eaten fresh or dried but most used forms of consumption are capsules and tea.

Traditionally, it has been useful in treating and preventing common colds, nausea, and lowering high blood pressure. Most pregnant women chew this rhizome to alleviate the nausea feeling. You can take in whichever dose but high doses are said to cause mild heartburns and diarrhea. Therefore, it’s safer to limit the dose you take.