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Surfing the city you go to relax in the local bar. Of course, sometimes it is needed to go to the bar, meet new interesting people, share facts, and put questions. But what about drinking? If you don’t like alcohol drinks, even cocktail menu cannot help you to relax. Nevertheless, there is always an opportunity to make changes into the cocktail menu and create something new, impressive, and NON-ALCOHOLIC. If you order one of these unique drinks in the bar, no one can suspect of change.

Do You Want Heart-To-Heart Talks?

1. For MIMOSA fans

This bright and tasty cocktail can be easily made of orange juice and soda water. Take these ingredients in equal proportion. There is always some space for creativity here. You can take some citrus juice on your taste instead of the orange juice. How about grapefruit? Also, your alcohol-free Mimosa is good for breakfast with toasts and croissants. Is it too harsh for you? Add some syrup to your cocktail!

2. For CAPE CODDER lovers

This cocktail is very easy to make if it is alcohol-free. Do you want a recipe? Take some soda drink, lime, cranberry juice. The best refreshing drink is ready! Also, you can add some fruits.

3. How about GIN&TONIC?

No doubts, it is really difficult to repeat the unique taste and flavor of Gin. It is better to ask a barman about all available free-alcohol syrups you may use to replace Gin. But you will not have problems with Tonic. Just add some citrus drops to your drinks.

4. For Margarita lovers

Have you ever tried Margarita? Everyone should try it just once in his life. A good barman surely knows what ingredients are used to make a free-alcohol Margarita. Most probably, you will get a mix of lime and orange juice. Also, you can add some ice and a salty ring on your glass.

5. If you like Bloody Mary

How to make a legendary Bloody Mary if you can’t use vodka? Of course, you can try to mix different ingredients and proportions to get a piquant taste. Anyway, you take some tomato juice, spicy sauce, salt, pepper, and a drop of horseradish mix. Don’t overdo!

6. Are you crazy about Virgin Collins?

Have a glass of Virgin Collins! You can make it by mixing some syrup, lemon juice, and soda. Factually, this is a kind of lemonade. You can add some fruits as a garnish.

7. Do you like Mojito?

Mojito is not difficult to repeat even at home. Don’t forget to add some mint, syrup, lime or lemon juice, and soda. Mojito is a popular summer cocktail. If you want more mint taste, you can add some more mint syrup.

8. How about Shirley Temple?

Everyone likes this sweet and simple cocktail. Just take some Sprite, grenadine, and put a cherry on the top. You can play with tastes and add some more grenadine!

9. Roy Rodgers tastes great!

All men like Roy Rogers! It is also easy to do! You need some Coca-Cola to replace original whiskey or rum. Also, you can top your cocktail with a cherry. Enjoy it!

10. For Tequila Sunrise lovers

Pineapple juice is very popular for cocktails. Also, it is used for such a sweet and light drink as Tequila Sunrise. Do you like it? You can make eat alcohol-free easily. Take some pineapple juice, add 7 Up, grenadine, and something for garnishing. It can be fruits or topping cherry.

11. Hot Whiskey cocktails? No problem!

How to make a whiskey punch without alcohol? Don’t forget that your cocktail must be hot and steaming. First of all, ask the barman to bring some hot water. Drop some honey and lemon juice. If you like mixing different tastes, you can add some cinnamon and different spices on your taste. It takes minimum time to make a free-alcohol punch, doesn’t it? It can be a healthy elixir if you caught a cold.

Have doubts about which cocktail to choose? You can ask a barman to make something special for you, using local spices and ingredients. It is very interesting to learn about country traditions by drinking cocktails! Having a party at home? Take some Sprite, Cola, sweet syrup, fresh fruits, and some spices. Just mix it all for your friends if they want something ALCOHOL-FREE.