Addiction is common around the world especially in countries where narcotic drug production is common. Owing to the extreme awareness of drug addiction and its impact on societies, addiction rates continue to decline all over the world. The media has been on the forefront to enlighten people on how to avoid drugs to prevent addiction.

Governments have also imposed unfriendly measures to those who deal with drugs and there are even specialized drug enforcement agents that hunt down drug dealers, warlords, and cartels. Below are some of the most inspiring movies about drug addiction and how people got healed from it. Learn some of the best sobriety stories below.

Clean and Sober

Released in 1988, the movie explores the life of a smart minded real-estate agent Daryl. Daryl is a cocaine addict whose life is dependent on the substance to live normally. The movie starts by Daryl waking up on the bed beside a girl. He realizes that he has embezzled his company’s money and disciplinary action is just about to be taken against him.

As an escape plan, Daryl walks into a rehabilitation center where he is put under the rehabilitation program. It is during his life in the rehab that he realizes he has a drug problem that is harmful to his life so he needs to change otherwise things will not be good for him.

He founds a new partner in the rehab and they start loving each other. As part of his reformation, he decides to let go of drugs and concentrate on becoming a better person without drugs. During rehab, Craig faced Daryl and explained to him the importance of changing to new habits and forgoing the old ones. It was through the encouragement and counseling of Craig that Daryl reformed into a completely new and responsible person. Recovering from addiction is easy if you get support from people.

My Name is Bill W

This is a 1989 movie featuring a world war two veteran by the name William Griffith. William invested in stock exchange after retiring from the military and due to unexplained issues, the stock exchange business crashed. To get solace following the loss of his entire fortune, he resorts to alcohol.

Things escalated so fast and William found himself in the streets living in despair due to excess drinking habits. The addiction was so intense that his career and family were no longer a concern to him. During that juncture of hopelessness, he meets Robert Holbrook Smith, a seasoned alcoholic who is also struggling to heal from addiction.

The duo forms up a support group that is aimed at supporting alcoholics to recover from the addiction. Alcoholics anonymous was a group meant to open doors to all alcoholics who wanted to overcome the bad habit and adopt new habits.

Through the support groups, people were able to beat alcoholism and come up with the best habits that transformed their lives. The lesson is that; alcoholism is a small problem if you get people of the same experience guiding you. people who were once alcoholics transformed and became the best role models of all time.


Two drug enforcement agents die from the overdose of drugs that they were supposed to trace and destroy. It is a 1991 movie, a painful story that shows how dangerous narcotics can be to a person. In 1975, Rayner, a seasoned narcotics undercover chooses his professional partner Kate to go and hunt down drugs in the grey area of Texas.

Rayner clarifies to Kate that they need to behave with each other back in the drug plagued area as they are dealing with drug dealers and warlords. One of the ways to work is to be able to taste cocaine to prove to the sellers that indeed one is a real customer.

If any drug dealer suspects the buyer is undercover police, death is the only punishment. Kate is therefore taught how to taste cocaine and other substances before joining the task of finding drugs. As they were working, the two fall in love for real instead of pretending to be lovers. They were supposed to take down Will Gaines, the drug boss.

They fail to collect evidence enough to arrest Gaines however, they use undercover ways to arrest Gaines. Rayner is shot dead in the streets and Kate remains to handle the case. Cate became an addict because she had to inject herself with cocaine to avoid being noticed. From the movie, it is clear that drugs don’t know who is tasting and who wants to use them, addiction is just addiction and it can come any time so it’s better to keep off drugs.

Basketball Diaries

One of the best-rated drama movies directed by Scott Kalvert. It is a 1995 movie that was based on a novel created by Jim Carol. It is a story about carol from his teenage years in high school up to the time when he became a basketball player. Carol was aspiring to be a writer when his life twisted and he became a chronic heroin addict.

When in high school, Jim carol lives a happy life with his friends while playing basketball. Pedro, Mickey, and Neutron are his friends who enjoy being around him because he is a superstar and also spends most of his money on leisure activities.

His other friend Bobby dies and this throws Jim into complete psychological stress. To escape from this stress, Jim carol turned into drugs and later became an addict. His mother found out the drugs in the house and kicked him out leaving him in a truly desperate situation. Due to a lack of money, Jim and his three friends start to indulge in criminal activities to fund their drug addiction. His mother calls him back to the house but instead of refuging him, he hands him over to the police. He later recovers from rehab and becomes a better person.


From the movies, it is clear that people can overcome addiction through rehabilitation, support from friends, and programs such as Toxin Rid 5-day detox, which was reviewed on this page:

As an addict, you just need to accept change and adhere to the rehabilitative measures put in place by the experts. Support groups and counseling from people who once suffered from addiction can help you overcome relapses.