The arrival of 2020 makes a lot of us reflect upon the turn of the decade and different things the last ten years brought us. Every decade has its own identity, a unique feel and there’s no better example of that then the 1990’s.

This time period has an exceptional meaning for gamers as it revolutionized this form of entertainment: games with 3D graphics; environment and character models with an increasingly higher number of polygons and most of all – the rise of the first-person shooters! These days you can easily purchase one of these classics even with the cheapest Steam gift card as most of them are available on this platform.

Ultimate Doom

Even though the classic Doom from id Software (which first launched in 1993) wasn’t the first FPS game in history, it definitely kickstarted this genre and secured its popularity, trends, and direction by which FPS games developed.

Don’t be discouraged by the age of this game. Just like the other 90’s first-person shooters on this list, it offers a special experience that is hard to find among modern FPS games. Back then, the priority of video game developers was gameplay and not a cinematic story experience, filled with quick-time events. This alone makes the original Doom a great choice if you happen to have a Steam gift card in your proverbial hands, however, that’s not all.

2016 Remake of Doom, which was also developed by id Software and published by Bethesda, captures the same 90’s vibe so common to games of that era. Though, if you want an authentic experience of that decade you won’t regret getting yourself the original Doom.

On top of that, it’s cheaper than the 2016 version but makes no mistake – it offers no less. Assume the role of the nameless marine (sometimes simply called “The Doom guy” by the fans) and engage in brutal, fast-paced combat on a Martian colony devasted by a demonic invasion from hell. Its simplicity makes it genius while its price easy to acquire with a Steam gift card.


If you’re done with Doom and still want to try games of a similar kind, the best alternative for you, in that case, is Half-life. This FPS classic was developed released by Valve in 1998. Without a doubt, Half-life was just as significant and influential as Doom was if not more.

Just like the masterpiece of id Software, it was inspired by the idea of enemy invasion through a portal to a parallel world. While in Doom this alternate realm was Hell, the enemies faced in the original Half-life arrived from Xen – a strange and hostile place located between dimensions.

Put your Steam gift card funds to good use and enjoy the Valve’s classic! In this game, you’ll assume the role of theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman working on a secret, government-funded Black Mesa research base when an unsuccessful experiment triggers an event known as Resonance Cascade – alien beings coming from another dimension start to invade the facility.

Freeman will fight not only these monsters but also the soldiers of the U.S. military HECU team that arrives to clean up the mess. The story goes much deeper than this simple premise as it implied by strange appearances of a mysterious G-man but it’s a lot better to experience these revelations personally. There are similar exciting slot games on Bitcasino which you can enjoy if you like gambling.


Get a Steam gift card for your friend with the intention to play the classic Counter-Strike together! Even after more than 20 years the game still maintains a huge and very active multiplayer community. Counter-Strike originally started out as a realistic tactical shooter mod for Half-life but it quickly grew into its very own thing, an independent gaming phenomenon.

Nevertheless, to this day, Counter-Strike games all the way up to the most recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stand as a testament to the far-reaching legacy of the original Half-life.

The formula of this game is extremely simple and yet this elegant simplicity is what makes the 1990’s shooters so charming.

Steam gift card won’t go to waste with this one either. In Counter-Strike you play as a member of one of two teams: terrorists or counter-terrorists. Players fight each other on different maps (some of which like de_dust2 have become easily recognizable cult-classics) completing different objectives from hostage rescue to bomb planting.

During the games’ lifetime, the community continued to expand the Counter-Strike’s content through modded game modes like surf or zombies and to this day there’s still no end in sight for this creativity.

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Quake III Arena

Even though Quake III Arena is the third installment in the Quake series, it has nothing to do with the campaign of its predecessors as the game is strictly focused on multiplayer. Steam gift cards, in such cases, can be used to get this newcomer friendly game without any fear of feeling lost as to what’s going on. Just like Doom, Quake III Arena was created by 1990’s FPS masters – id Software. As can be inferred from the title, the game offers nothing less but a fast-paced Arena shooter experience.

The only elements connecting Quake III Arena to the previous installments in the series are the sci-fi themed setting (futuristic weaponry and maps) as well as occasional optional characters from single-player campaigns of the original Quake and its sequel. Weapon variety, maps with a lot of verticalities, smooth gameplay, lots of 1990’s FPS gore and flashy, over the top action – get your friend a Steam gift card to enjoy all of this together, as it was originally intended!

Unreal Tournament: GOTY

There’s an eternal, unending conflict still raging since 1999 – a conflict between the Quake III Arena fans and the Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition players. The argument over which of these two games is better will probably never come to an end. The truth actually lies somewhere in-between the two, as both Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament (1999) are completely amazing FPS titles that were far ahead of their time.

Unsurprisingly, and very much like Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament (1999) is a sci-fi first-person shooter that’s strictly multiplayer-focused by its design and only very loosely connected to the previous games of its series.

Steam gift card funds will be well spent playing this game, as it offers a huge variety of game modes, customizable characters, an arsenal of sci-fi weapons, and imaginative map designs. Facing worlds, Morpheus towers, and Phobos is especially memorable as they come with completely unique soundtracks made by the music composer of the original Deus Ex – Alexander Brandon. The tunes playing can only be described in the same manner as the brutality of UT gladiators – legendary.

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Despite the time span of not one but two entire decades, these 1990’s classics still manage to maintain massive popularity, community support (through mods), and at the same time, have overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam. A gift card is a great way to increase your Steam Wallet funds and get these games at a cheap price, especially during the frequent sales.

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