Growing on a big social media platform like Facebook is one hell of a job now. Thanks to the increasing number of users and competition between them, it is now difficult for most of the smaller creators to grow while increasing their followers and engagement on their page.

But there are various effective ways with the help of which one can slowly but effectively attract Facebook followers as well as increase the likes on the page. If you are a creator and want such to happen, here are a few tips to help you out –


Before you try to increase your engagement and following, you should focus on creating a good page that is needed for engagement. Your page should be well maintained and clean.

This is the first step you need to follow. First of all, create a proper Facebook page that should be professional and well maintained. The page should have a good display picture and a creative yet short description. The description should give a basic idea about what your page is. The next thing is the content. A page is nothing without proper content. The content will drive the audience to your page and increase your engagement. And the content you updated should strictly be what your page is about and should be what the fans like. So good research about the trending topics is necessary before you upload something.

The posts you upload should be fans oriented i.e. all that the audience likes to see. And you need to be regular in posting. The audience will never stick with a page or follow it if it is not regularly posting updates. So do this first.


I have seen a lot of people who think that they can increase engagement on a specific site by promoting its content on some other website. And this notion is completely false.

What I am talking about is that people have the notion that if they have something to share, they post it to other websites like YouTube and share the link on their Facebook page. And they think this will increase their following on Facebook! I do not see any point in this. If you post something on YouTube and share it on FB, it will increase the following and engagement on YouTube and the FB page will have no impact. So whenever you feel that you have something to offer to the audience and want your FB page to grow, post it to the Facebook page directly.

There are various benefits to this. First, this will drive the audience to your FB page and this will bring engagement and following. Second, if you post something on YouTube, people will watch it only if they feel like watching. But on FB if people cone through your videos, these will be played instantly without giving the audience the time to think if they want to watch. Now you decide which is better!


Interacting with your followers will be an effective step towards increasing audience, engagement, and following on your FB page. Interaction matters a lot and it has been proved every now and then.

So how can you interact with your followers? Facebook is one of the most popular and big social media platforms and thus is because it has a lot of features to offer to its users. One of such features is the live session. Through live sessions, you can contact and interact with your followers. This has multiple benefits. You get to know your followers and what they like and want and the same goes for your followers who get to know you better. And through interaction, you can get suggestions from then about what you should do next or what your products lack, etc.

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You can also talk to your followers through direct messaging. When you have a page with some amount of followers, you will receive messages from them and you have to reply to them. You can ask them for their opinion about what you should do next. In this way, you will be making them feel special and they will invite more people to follow you and start more engagement.


It is a known fact that giveaways are the best thing you can do to have an increase in your number of followers and the engagement on your account. Giveaways are a creative and effective way of gaining a substantial amount of followers.

Since you are promoting yourself, you need to do some investments. And these investments will surely not disappoint you at any cost. People today mostly prefer getting everything for free. They love it when someone gifts them something without them doing anything. And this should be used by you as a strategy for increasing engagement and followers! You need to conduct giveaways and contests regularly to keep your followers stick with you while attracting new ones. You can conduct various creative contests like photography, slogan building, etc. This will attract those people who attend it and they will participate.

And each and everyone will want to win. And you will decide the winner or winners and give them something as a reward. As a result, those who did not win will come again and again to participate whenever you conduct such contests and this will increase the traffic and followers on your platform!


Both of these are the most effective and easiest ways of gaining followers and increasing engagement. While the collaboration will take some time, buying followers will be done in a flash!

Since Facebook is a very big platform, you will most likely find a lot of people who have managed to create their own identity. And these people are called influencers. These influencers have a big number of audience and you can take a little help from them. You can collaborate with them and organize any group live session where you can easily advertise yourself. This will help a lot in gaining followers.

Or you can buy Facebook likes and followings for some money. If you are capable enough to invest something, you can visit the websites selling real-time followers. These followers will not only increase your number but also engagement.

These were a few Facebook strategies to boost your page. Adios!