PDFs are one of the most prominent and widely used formats. Being compatible with every operating device, exchanging data through different devices is now a matter of seconds. Moreover, it can be shared easily on different platforms. 

Though working on pdfs may seem easier, one may come across certain issues while reading them. Have you faced problems while reading a pdf? If yes, then this article right here is all you need. It will also be helpful for any individuals using the pdfs as we bring you the 6 problems while reading pdfs and their solutions. 

The Main Problems With Reading PDFs 

Reading PDFs is an easygoing task until you encounter a problem and tend to search for its solution without knowing what actually happened. Before you get stuck in the loop of answers, let’s look at some common problems people face while reading PDFs. 

1. Need To Mark, Even Export Notes In The Process Of Reading Documents

If you’re someone who loves reading, this is the first problem you will encounter. Readers often have a habit of underlining, highlighting or annotating important lines in the document for future reference. They even export these notes sometimes. Reading a pdf document from a general PDF editor app usually doesn’t provide you with all these features. 

2. Need To Translate PDF Documents 

It is not always necessary that the pdf would be in your preferred language. While reading documents written in other languages, one would feel the need to translate them into their preferred language for better understanding. 

3. Need To Compare The Differences Between The Two Documents

Comparison of two documents is something nearly every individual does. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, doing the comparison task manually would be a hectic and confusing task. 

4. Needs More Reading Mode

Reading modes are required when reading pdf documents on different devices. A good pdf reader is accompanied by night reading mode, one-page reading, flip pages, and other features that make reading pdf documents less stressful on the eyes. 

5. Want To Take A Screenshot 

We often come across certain lines which we find interesting and worth sharing. Therefore, we screenshot it to add it to our collection. But, without a good online pdf reader tool, taking a screenshot becomes a troublesome task. 

6. Want To Search And Extract Content

Searching and extracting content in a pdf is not an easy task unless you acquire a good pdf reading tool. 

How PDFelement Solves The Problems Of Reading PDFs? 

Wondershare PDFelement is a free pdf reader that strives to provide easy solutions for any and everyone who works with pdf. Let’s have a look at how it addresses the above-mentioned difficulties. 

1. Annotate PDFs

Reading PDFs can be a frustrating task, especially when done on a PC. The tiny alphabets displayed on PC/Computer make it tough to navigate and extract content. Reading has been made an effortless task with PDFelement. Whether you want to increase the font size, change the layout or apply multiple annotations, this will serve all your purpose. You can make notes and add comments and questions easily and handily to the document. 

2. Translate PDF 

PDFelement has made translating pdfs easier and quicker. So, one can handily translate a pdf document in their preferred language within seconds. Moreover, it comes with a word translation feature that enables readers to translate and find the meaning of the word in their native language for better understandability. 

3. Compare PDF 

You can easily compare pdf documents with this powerful tool. It has made reviewing articles an easy task by enabling readers to compare two documents side-by-side. Furthermore, you can go on adding comments, highlights, and marking changes between the two pdfs easily. 

4. Screenshot Function 

The PDFelement is well-acquired with a lifesaver ‘screenshot’ function, which enables users to keep track of important paragraphs or lines by screenshotting any part of the PDF they desire. You can also draw it or pin it on the screen, thereby making it one of the most effective pdf reading tools. 

5. Larger Reading Area

Reading a lengthy document on the phone is much more difficult. The zooming-in feature makes it worse by losing the actual context of the document. That’s when PDFelement kicks in. It solves the problem instantly by providing a larger reading area. So, you can enjoy reading long documents without any bothersome.

How does HiPDF Solve The Problems Of Reading PDFs? 

HiPDF is an excellent online pdf reading, editing, and making tool which makes working on pdfs an easier and handier task. Being an all-in-one pdf solution, it provides solutions to all your difficulties anywhere and at any time you desire. Let’s have a look at the incredible features offered by HiPDF that makes reading documents easier. 

1. Convert From PDF

With 15+ available formats, HiPDF makes the conversion of pdf files to another format easier and handier. One can convert pdf to other formats like Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, and others within minutes. 

2. Convert To PDF 

HiPDF comes with a feature wherein users can alternatively convert any document file to pdf format. It supports a total of 12 formats, including the major JPG, PPT, Excel, and Word formats. 

3. Compress PDF

The compress PDF tool feature makes it easy for users to resize the size of the pdf with a few clicks. It provides us with high, medium, and low compressing features to suit one’s document length needs. 

4. Merge PDF

Merging multiple pdf files is a difficult task unless you switch to HiPDF. It makes merging files easier and quicker. 

5. Sign a PDF 

Sign pdf online with HiPDF as it allows you to adjust the margins, crop the pdf online and sign the exact area without losing the quality of the document. 

6. Organize PDF

HiPDF is an amazing pdf organizing tool that enables users to split, delete, and rearrange pdf files swiftly. 


Wondershare’s PDFelement and HiPDF are two excellent pdf solutions that make working with pdfs easier and more effective. It strives to improve the reading experience of users by providing them with incredible features like annotation, comparison, translation, reading modes, large reading areas, and others in the most affordable way ever. With all these given features and specialties, they are the most reliable option when looking for solutions while encountering these 10 problems with reading pdfs.