The beautiful cinema will always be a source of pleasure for creative natures and art lovers. An exciting storyline, amazing camera work, and a talented cast are the main criteria that guarantee success. There is a huge amount of films about artists, both biographical and artistic. In this article, we will discuss a few art stories that will make you inspired! If you get interested in one of these movies, you can see them on

1. Little Ashes

Country: United Kingdom, Spain

Director: Paul Morrison

Year: 2008

In 1922, 18-year-old Salvador Dali came to Madrid. The capital of Spain at that time was becoming a place of attraction for the brightest young minds. Dali, who is talented and keen on painting, strives to become a great artist. At the university, he meets the already recognized poet Federico Garcia Lorca and the director Luis Bunuel. Young people become leaders of the Spanish creative intelligentsia, but their interpersonal relationships are changing dramatically.

2. Marie Krøyer

Country: Denmark, Sweden

Director: Bille August

Year: 2012

In 1889, Danish artist Marie Triepcke married Peder Severin Kroyer, a world-famous painter. They were one of the most famous couples in the country, causing widespread admiration. Such outstanding people as politicians, aristocrats, scientists, and writers dreamed that Kroyer painted their portraits. It was a great honor for them. And the artist could set any price for her work. And Marie was called the most beautiful woman in Europe.

3. Renoir

Country: France

Director: Gilles Bourdos

Year: 2012

In1915, the white-haired Auguste Renoir, receives the news that his beloved son, Jean, was wounded at the front. The only thing that brightens up the artist’s bitter hermitage is the presence of a young red-haired sitter nearby. The dazzling Andre becomes the master’s last muse and fills his world with new colors. It is not surprising that Jean, who returned from the front, passionately falls in love with this amazing beauty.

4. Big Eyes

Country: USA, Canada

Director: Tim Burton

Year: 2014

The story happens in the bright and blooming America of the 50s. In the rich colors of San Francisco, something is born that destroys the traditional view of art and irrevocably changes the way our life looks. Appearing out of nowhere, artist Walter Keane came up with pop art. His unusual paintings depicting children with huge eyes made a splash and literally flooded the whole world. They are printed on calendars and postcards. Walter becomes the king of modern art. He is one of the most famous art figures on the planet. But at the peak of the artist’s fame, his wife Margaret suddenly claims that Walter is a crook and that she is the author of famous paintings.

5. Christmas Cottage

Country: USA, Canada

Director: Michael Campus

Year: 2008

This biographical tape is dedicated to one of the most famous American artists of our time, whose name is Thomas Kinkade. Misfortune helped the future artist to achieve recognition and worldwide fame. His mother almost lost her own home, and to help her pay off her debts, the young man started painting.

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6. Frida

Country: USA, Mexico

Director: Julie Taymor

Year: 2002

Frida was 20 years old when she married the most famous artist in Mexico. His name was Diego Rivera, and he was middle-aged, wealthy, and depraved. Only a few years will pass, and she will conquer Paris, and all American newspapers will write about her scandal with Rockefeller!

7. Camille Claudel

Country: France

Director: Bruno Nuytten

Year: 1988

Fate endowed Camilla with talent, intelligence, beauty, and a gentle soul. At 19, she became a student and lover of the great sculptor Auguste Rodin. But later, a huge amount of problems fell upon this outstanding woman.

8. Girl with a Pearl Earring

Country: United Kingdom, Luxembourg

Director: Peter Webber

Year: 2003

The story happens in 1665, in the Dutch city of Delft. The 16-year-old girl Griet comes to the house of artist Johannes Vermeer to work as a servant. Soon she attracts the attention of the painter because, despite her young age, Griet subtly feels not only the result of creativity but also the process itself. She feels the mechanism for creating paintings that will be destined to live for centuries. Once Vermeer asked Griet to pose for him for a new picture.