In our educational years, we all get assigned topics that require speaking on a rostrum. As much as we used to hate speaking in front of a crowd, we could not escape it as it will lead us to negative scores. Some of our friends were flawless at stage speaking, while the rest of us must have sweated before the presentation. Many of us have stage anxiety or fear of speaking in public. The reason behind this fear is usually psychological, as most of us think we might not speak well and end up being funny.

One of your friends might be an excellent storyteller, the other may be good at reading with annotations, and these skills might help them in their lives and careers. Storytelling, or recording an audiobook is nothing but communication in a specified way. A student will not develop a liking for a teacher whose conversation is not clear or is challenging to understand. The way we speak words has a significant impact on us. Communication is an integral part of our daily life, and it is also one of the secrets to success in corporate sectors. Every field of the profession requires their employee to be fluent in communication.

When we start our job hunt, every job advertisement demands excellent communication skills. The term good communication skill cannot be defined completely. Every profession requires a different set of skills that suits best for their company. A good communication skill is about conveying your message and thoughts explicitly. The words shall not be confusing and straightforward to understand by the listener or reader. If you are someone aiming to pursue a career as a journalist or a writer, then you must have a superb command on floating your thoughts across the verbal and written medium. To ace up your abilities, you can choose a bachelor’s in communication after high school to pursue as a professional degree.

Let us explore the most preferred communication skills to excel.


You cannot decide what to answer if you have not listened to another person’s words. Listening is not only what the speaker is saying, but also how the person is feeling while talking. Keen listening helps you to understand, and it also helps the speaker to speak more openly. Listening also creates an open environment where everyone can express their ideas confidently.

Emotionally Intelligent

You must have heard the phrase “you will not understand.” Well, it happens when the other person is not expecting us to understand their emotions through words. A few years back, it was only intelligence quotient that was considered necessary, but nowadays, emotional intelligence also seems to matter. If you are self-aware, a pro in self-management, socially aware, and can manage relationships, you can easily communicate with people without allowing them to perceive that you cannot gauge their emotions to reciprocate.

Be Friendly

How will you feel if someone for the first time talks to you rudely? You will think, what did you do wrong? When we see a stranger, we smile to eliminate the awkwardness. One of the useful tools of communication is to talk friendly. A stern tone with harsh words will not make any positive impact, be it verbal or written. People consider soft and polite tones with greeting words, friendly.


Ninety-three percent of communication is about body language, while the remaining seven percent is our tone and words. Nonverbal communication is wordless signals that we knowingly or unknowingly send to our listeners. These signs include our expressions, hand movements, eye contact, and our posture. Understanding the positive gestures of nonverbal communication will help you to communicate more commendable.

Be an Empath

While we are in a working environment, we shall not forget that the people around us can have different ideas. It is not always necessary for everyone to agree with a person. Disagreements can occur. The way we express our conflict falls under communication. Being an empath, you can easily understand how the person will feel if the idea gets rejected, so instead of telling a straight rejection, you can always mold your words around to save that person from misery.

Be Assertive

Communication is all about conveying your needs and wants clearly to listeners or readers without any misunderstanding. If you are an employer or an employee, it is better to hold straight communication on both ends to describe your needs and expectations. Assertiveness is one of the essential components of communication.


Communication is a two-way street; it involves a speaker and listener. Effective communication is done by listening keenly to the speaker first and then formulating your response. If you respect the ideas and views of others, they will be more likely to communicate with you. A person with a polite tone and soft words is always appreciated. Be it our personal lives or professional, and we cannot survive without communication. Even if we replace ourselves with robots, they will need commands too that might not be verbal but written.