A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual form of currency protected by cryptography which makes counterfeiting or double-spending almost impossible. Most cryptocurrencies are decentralized, blockchain-based networks – a distributed database implemented by a dispersed computer network. A feature that makes a digital currency different from the traditional currency is that digital currency can’t be manipulated or devalued by any government or any central bank.

If you are planning to invest or trade cryptocurrency then we have listed the top 5 cryptocurrencies for you as a future investment-

BTC (Bitcoin):

The list of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020 cannot begin with any other cryptocurrency than Bitcoin — the most common cryptocurrency in the world. The success of Bitcoin as a digital currency is indeed one of the greatest advantages against any other currencies present in the market. Bitcoin was introduced on 3rd January 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The market capitalization of bitcoin is around 117.81 billion US dollars which shows the dominance it holds in the current digital market.

ETH (Ethereum):

Ethereum does not require an introduction for someone who has a fair amount of knowledge about the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is perhaps the most common cryptocurrency when you hear the word crypto, but no one can argue the fact that Ethereum is the most powerful by far. The reason for this is the blockchain technology behind Ethereum which allows thousands of projects to build on top of it. Each ETH currently values under 400 U.S. dollars which makes it an accessible and affordable digital currency for someone new to investing in cryptocurrency.

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Ripple (XRP):

Ripple (XRP) is amongst the most promising investments on this list. Backed by strong technology and the network it is quickly opening up new opportunities in the field of foreign trade, finance, and payment networks. Currently, this digital currency holds third place in terms of market capitalization but second in our list due to its popularity among the investor community as a future investment.

BCH (bitcoin cash):

Bitcoin cash is third in terms of market capitalization in the Cryptocurrency market. The concept of bitcoin cash came from as the name suggests from Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin Cash was born from the concept to make Bitcoin more convenient for small, regular payments. A code change was introduced, and on 1st August 2017 and a new digital currency Bitcoin Cash was born.

LTC (Litecoin):

Litecoin is another blockchain-currency not to be skipped if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2020. LTC is popular among the investor community for its fast growth and most affordable digital cryptocurrency. The technology backing this digital currency put this crypto third in our list. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the only cryptocurrencies above Litecoin. LTC currently trades below 100 dollars which makes it more affordable as well as provides opportunities for investors to join and benefits from the huge potential this crypto has to offer.


Cryptocurrencies provide a lot of opportunities for traders both new and old to trade for short as well as long terms. If you are a beginner and planning to invest in crypto then you should consider these top five cryptocurrencies as a future investment. For more information, you can click money system.