Reports show that 40 percent of consumers will move to the competitor’s thanks to engagement. What does that tell you? Customer engagement is something you cannot afford to ignore. It has an essential role in making sales and creating brand loyalty. While investing in marketing campaigns, businesses should set aside resources for customer engagement.

You might be asking yourself which engagement strategies are the most useful. The following are some of the engagement strategies that you can never go wrong with.

1. Always listen to your customers

Do not make everything about you. You need to sometimes remove focus from making sales and dedicate it to lending your customers an ear. Your customers may have concerns regarding your products and services or the market in general. Proper engagement will mean that you will be able to listen to them with empathy and understand their needs. By so doing, they will feel cared for and be committed to your brand. Customer engagement does not only help you to bring your customers closer to you but also enables you to address matters that you may not have been aware of.

2. Reviews

Another effective way of engaging your customers is through reviews. Statistics show that reviews have the power of increasing conversion rates by 270 percent. Why not ride on that? There are many exciting ways in which you can get your customers to participate in reviews. You can, for instance, allow them to commend the staff for excellent services. You can create a rating system whereby they can rate service or a product. Reviews keep customers engaged and make them feel that their opinion is valued. More so, customer reviews are also another way of making your customers your ambassadors. For instance, if a potential customer comes across a positive review, he/she will be compelled to buy a product. Contrary reviews are also useful as they help the business streamline their products and services hence more customer satisfaction.

3. Text marketing

Text marketing is also an effective way of engaging your customers. Thanks to technology, you can be able to send bulk messages, surveys, and images and so on. Through this, you will be able to engage your customers on a personal level. Allow them to give feedback regarding any concerns that they may have or suggestions.

You can count on them to tell you the improvements you should make and what they are interested in. You will, in turn, use the suggestions to reshape your marketing strategies.

4. Understanding your audience

Understanding your audience is the best engagement strategy you can have. How else will you be able to know what your audience wants? It is through understanding them. Devote time to know what pains your audience. Luckily for you, you can use the internet, reviews, surveys and social media to do so. More so, you can employ analytics tools and use the reports to get a deep insight into your audience.

Understanding your audience will help you come up with better strategies and come up with better ways of dealing with their issues.

5. Make your audience participate in Q&A

Social media platforms like Instagram allows you to engage with your audience by asking questions and getting feedback in real time. There are so many questions you can ask regarding the quality of your services, a product you have just launched, topics they would have interest in and so on. Also, make sure the way you present your questions is appealing and straightforward. Remember that your audience might be busy and have very little time left to them. Having multiple choice questions will be helpful to busy customers.

6. Live streaming

You need to know that your competitor is live streaming. Therefore, if you are not, you need to start as soon as now. Statistics show that 87 percent of audiences would prefer watching live videos. It postulates that live streaming has become a thing. Creating videos is a recipe towards humanizing your brand. The beauty of it is that all social media platforms available have the option for live streaming or videos.

It is a better way of engaging your audience than using text.

7. Surveys

Use of surveys is yet another way of effectively engaging your clients. This method is usually most effective when used on new clients. It gives you as the business an opportunity to understand your new audience. In your surveys, you should consider asking when the best time would be to engage your audience and what their needs are. More so, you will need to ask the communication channel that they most prefer.

Surveys will set the pace for a long-term relationship with the audience.

8. Do not be too sales-oriented

You have made much already through the day. Do not bore your audience by trying to advertise your product every time you speak to them. How about you take a different approach. The sales approach is becoming a bit old and will push customers away rather than bring them closer.

You can start by instead educating your audience. Software companies have mastered the art. You will find that they are mostly offering trial products that run from 14 days to a month. Once the trial period has ended, the chances of converting the customer are higher.

9. Involve, Interact and Influence

What does this engagement strategy mean? Well, it means that for you to create long-term and fruitful engagement with your audience, you need to involve them in your strategies, interact with them and through that you will be able to influence their behavior and create loyalty.

When you make customers feel special through engagement, they are bound to return the favor by being loyal to your brand. If you do a great job at that, you will even make them your ambassadors. Customer engagement is a proven way of attracting traffic to your sites and retaining the existing customers. If you employ the nine tips above, you are bound to note a difference in