Big corporations like Facebook, IBM, JPMorgan putting their foot in creating crypto coins to leverage their businesses. The digital currency industry has brought a revolution in the business world. The ease of transaction and transparency features of digital currencies have attracted many big corporations to develop their own crypto coins.

Today, some companies which do not have a crypto background are also interested to involve in cryptocurrencies. A few of them have already created their own digital coins and some are in the process of creating them. Now here are the top global enterprises that are involved in the crypto world.

Before we know the list of companies, let us understand a bit about cryptocurrencies, how they work, and why they are so popular.

Insights on Digital Cash

The concept of money does not mean cash or banknotes, it is just a reference that people use for the process of exchange of goods or service. When you understand this then you can easily relate to the digital cash.

Initially, the cryptocurrencies were only used as an investment option but today they have more applications. Investors are also including digital assets in their investment portfolio. However, if you want to invest in cryptos, can help and guide you.

Ten years back, when bitcoin was first developed most people were skeptical about it and rejected the idea of these transactions about its security issue. As this was a new concept at that time, fraudsters used it as a medium of money laundering, and fraudulent activities. But more people are now aware of the potential of digital cash and the technology behind it. That’s why it is gaining popularity and people are accepting it as a viable mode of transaction and can be a future currency system.

Why Digital Cash is the Future?

The demand for digital currency is growing for the following three reasons.

  • Decentralization: This is one of the key factors which allows the consumer to use digital currencies without any central authority.
  • Fast, Security and Transparency: Transaction in the digital currency is very fast, secure and everyone can review the transaction within the network
  • Low Cost: As there is no intermediary so the transaction cost is very low.

Now let us know the list of companies that are already involved or going to involve in cryptos.


Social media giant Facebook is going to release its digital currency. Facebook in alliance with Libra Association has already created a digital currency named “Libra”. This currency system will allow users to use it for transactions of different purposes on the Facebook platform. However, Facebook is not going to handle all the operations and transactions of the currency. It is only a shareholder of Libra. But Libra Association is also a part of the Facebook group.

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase, one of the leading investment banks in the United States is also interested to invest in blockchain and cryptos. It is focused on creating its own crypto token “JPMcoin” for the means of international transactions.


The largest retail giant Walmart has also proposed a patent to create its own digital currency. Earlier, it was finding new ways to provide alternative payment methods for its customers. However, it has not officially announced the name of its digital token but rumors are spreading that the name of the crypto coin will be WalmartCoin.


AirAsia is one of the cheapest Airline service providers in the East is now interested in cryptocurrencies. The company has confirmed that it is going to launch its own digital token “Bigcoin”. This will enable passengers for easy payments and offering loyalty programs.


As you have noticed, the leading corporations are joining the crypto world, it will certainly be a future medium of exchange. That’s why it is better to be aware of digital cash and the technology behind it. Hopefully, the above information has helped you to provide some insights into the usage of cryptos.