Are you thinking of doing something new for your business? Perhaps it’s that time to tap into new customers with a different method. You may have been dabbling in marketing efforts but aren’t getting the desired results. A postcard marketing campaign could be the missing element for your business comeback. This type of campaign is cost-effective and ranks as a top marketing strategy every business mogul runs after in the entrepreneur world. Let’s help you find out if postcard marketing is the best choice for you!

So, what is postcard marketing?

Postcard marketing is using direct mail to send postcards to the targeted audience to conduct an outreach campaign. This means that you create a marketable postcard then send it by mail to your desired recipients with the intended information.

Most business owners incorporate this marketing strategy to generate sales, create brand awareness, and drive website traffic—all the reasons geared towards promoting a business.

Though it is slowly replacing traditional ways, local businesses can also use a postcard to target a specific area, such as a housing agency sending out postcards in the neighborhood to notify people of vacant houses.

Whichever way, postcards play a significant role in marketing to escalate the growth of a business. They work in simple ways, where you have a quick message to put across. Compared to direct sales letters, they stand out because of their efficiency.

How Postcard Marketing Blends with Various Media

When doing a postcard campaign, it’s not a standalone tactic. You can blend it with other marketing strategies to ensure you drive sales. You can integrate the campaign into other few core marketing channels.

Start by using a postcard linking to a landing page with important information and maybe a booking an appointment option. In doing so, you will be promoting a new service, using social media to tease it, and then designing a postcard to do a follow-up to the targeted audience.

How to Carry an Effective Postcard Marketing Campaign

When a campaign comes into being, there are a number of times a business owner needs to follow up with a customer to get the sale.  It’s been said that it should be five times to follow up for sale to happen.

However, many marketers and business owners continually make the mistake of not following up. They only send one postcard and expect it will make a sale. No, you have to put in extra strength to get the business going. For your business to transform, exert the needed effort.

Avail your presence, share the products or services you offer to your audience, and continue making touches for them to remember your brand, and definitely, they will buy from you.

Follow these steps if you want to succeed:

1. Plan out the campaign

If you have in mind a multitouch  campaign with postcards on board, you need to plan well. Start by highlighting your goals. After this, you have to know each step for the stipulated purpose. From the steps, you can link them to the call to the action plan.

If you plan for a campaign with three postcards for a new business, you can start by driving traffic to the website first. At this stage, you’re creating an online presence where your products are advertised to the target group.

Secondly, you can propose an offer for the first subscribers in rewards for the signups. A coupon or 50% discount could attract more customers. Lastly, you can assure the subscribers of promotions if they continue shopping with you.

At every stage of the campaign, trust is being developed between the business and the potential customers. This habit later creates customer loyalty, which is a bonus for any business.

Though there are other effective ways to carry out a campaign, this one will not eat into your profit margins. Imagine dangling a discount code for customers who are just one-time shoppers. It won’t do any good for the business if they don’t return after spending your profits.

2. Design the Card

Imagine a catchy heading that strikes off your mind when you open; that is what you have to think when designing the postcards. Remember, people process pictures faster than tests. From the picture, they will judge the company.

It’s better to make the best first impression with a customer. Design a clear card with few images and match the color scheme if you desire a solid appearance. Just ensure your design is precise and not cluttered.

3. Give the Best Copy

From all the tricks you have to do in marketing, having the best copy ranks on top. For a headline, it should be attention-grabbing to keep people reading on. The first thing to do is to craft a clear headline with a strong attachment to the reader.

You can pose a question of how or make a statement. When doing so, remember to use the listing, For Example, 5 Ways to Benefit from Product X. This type of headline grabs attention, and you have to ensure you use the limited space to state everything about the product.

After doing the headline, validate your audience by stating everything about the product. You can highlight all the benefits in a point form or use bullets for ease of reading.

4. Do a Call to Action Order

Once you’re done crafting the postcard, you shouldn’t stop there. If you fail to direct your audience to the next step, you will lose the customer. People are good at tossing off the information they don’t find valuable.

At this point, tell the customers the value you offer. It should be precise and leading them to the next course of action. Your call to action should have the following characteristics:

  • Give an urgency: Have a specific time frame for the customer to take action. For Example, the offer lasts 24 hours.
  • Have a reason for taking action like benefit
  • Be specific: Give the customer an only choice available for them to take.

Here is an example of a compelling call to action, “contact us on 312-408-6534 by March 10th to get a 50% discount on your first purchase.”

The example gives the deadline, the benefits of the action, and how to reach the person. When you do so, you get the desired results.

Build Your Business

According to postcard marketing 101, your focus should be sales alone. All the tricks you incorporate in the marketing point at making sales lays the foundation for a successful business. Therefore, implement planning, designing, and doing a call to action for your postcard marketing campaign to be a success.