1. Academic time is the best

This phrase can be heard from the older generation, which is nostalgic for a past youth. After a while, the bad things are forgotten (sleepless nights, panic before exams, etc.) and only good memories remain. But why connect them to your studies? You are the creators of your happiness, so any time can be the best.

2. There will be no homework at university

Many people do not like school for the fact that they give homework. Graduates are absolutely sure that they will never hear the phrase “write down your homework” again at university.

If you think that your school homework, ritually burned with the books right after graduation, was the last thing you will ever do, you are very mistaken. The same duties await you at university, the only difference is that nobody will take you to the school director for every fault. Here you are on your own – because studying becomes not a voluntary event, but a personal initiative. In fact, the new conditions, in the beginning, are very scary. But don’t panic, they will make you stronger and more responsible. Anyway, a student can always choose whether to do the homework themselves or pay someone to do my assignment.

3. As soon as I go to university, my parents will realize that I’m an adult

Going to university is a very important event that can dramatically change your life. But in the war against parental custody, it is an absolutely powerless opponent. It seems that yesterday you were a schoolkid, and today you are an independent and self-sufficient person with proof in the form of a student card – but mom and dad always treated you as an eternal child. You just have to realize that nothing changes in their attitude toward you, they just continue to love you infinitely. With time, parents will understand that their child has grown up, and they will stop secretly putting a sandwich in your bag. In the meantime, be patient, you’re an adult, aren’t you?

4. I’m sure I’ll meet my love at university

Our moms and dads told us, “You’ll go to university and meet your love there! That’s how we met”. Sure, everything can happen in your life according to the scenario played out by your parents. But it can also turn out the other way around. If you looked over all the candidates for the title of “man of your dreams” on your first day at the Faculty of Philology and realized that life is over today, then listen to us. Not every story of pure and great love is born within the walls of a university. Just live life to the fullest, attend interesting events, get new knowledge and meet different people – because now is exactly the right time! Maybe one day you’ll get together with friends for a movie, and your future love will be behind you knocking her sharp knees on your chair.

5. We will part with school friends because everyone will have their own life

Absolutely not true. True friends carry close relationships through life, and nothing can break them. But sometimes we do break away from the people we were truly connected to in school. The thing is, it’s not the university that ruins long-standing friendships, but the people themselves, who change a lot and no longer care about each other. Anyway, don’t be afraid of losing those you care about. They will not disappear from your life in any case, if they are reliable and loyal friends. And may those who turn away be happy in your new company, because you certainly don’t need such buddies.

6. I’m going to be the dumbest person in the group, how did I ever get in here?

Healthy self-criticism is helpful, but it shouldn’t turn into some kind of obsessive panic. Believe me, every other classmate is doubting themselves, just as you are, thinking that they got a lucky ticket to the trainload of nerds and geeks. Everyone just walks into the classroom with a face that expresses universal peace. Put aside your fears, turn on your friendliness to the max, and you’ll see the important look of your future friends slowly melt away, with a kind and cheerful personality underneath.

7. I’ll get a scholarship and spend it on whatever I want

Absolutely, if you study well, there will be a nice cash bonus that will wait for you at the end of the month! It’s so nice to get your first money for real hard work! But, as a rule, the scholarship means a small amount: you will not be able to spend a lot of money, but you will be able to buy nice little things and tasty lunches in the canteen.

8. Student life is partying that lasts for years

We also thought that the next time we would get a good night’s sleep once we got our degree because the main thing at university is partying with occasional breaks for sessions. There would be partying, sleepless nights, fun, crazy things – for sure. But it’s impossible to live in this mode all the time: if you choose an evening in the company of your dog, and not dancing till you drop with your classmates in the club, you are a completely normal person and not a failed student. Student time is a wonderful, unforgettable time. A time of fun meetings, great effort, important accomplishments, sincere love, true friendships, and the tastiest pies from the cafeteria. Appreciate every moment and enjoy one of the sweetest periods in life to the max.

9. University professors are stricter and critical than school teachers

You might be surprised, but they are not. Most of the time a university professor doesn’t care whether you stay in the university or fail your exams, and someone else takes your place. He will treat you as a responsible person. So if before the only thing that could make you study was parents’ invitations to school and long conversations with the teacher, then you should reconsider your attitude. Self-motivation is your only engine from now on.