The world of digital gambling offers a variety of different online casino games. If you are a beginner, then it’s going to be a tough decision for you as to which game is worth investing your time and energy in. Besides, every other day there’s a new game over the virtual gambling casinos such as But not every game yields major rewards.

Among the thousands of virtual casino games, we have brought the top online casino games that one should not miss if you want to have an amazing online gambling experience.

Slots –Hands Down the Most Popular Game

Slots are the most popular and the easiest casino game that’s being widely played online. In fact, it’s a must-have game for every virtual casino. The high pay-out rates are a major exciting feature of Slots. There is a variety of slot games to choose from. Moreover, slots are easily accessible gambling game. The cost effectivity of this game is an add on. It lets the players play and gamble on this game for a longer time on a minimal budget. The thrill is the factor that keeps the slot game going on. The player never loses interest in spinning the wheel. The hope of bagging coins is always there!

BlackJack Variants – A True Casino Classic

BlackJack is a very common game that every physical and virtual casino features. The possibility of numerous variations in this online casino game makes it stand out among the other online casino games in the virtual gambling world. Also, the game offers player-friendly gaming strategies. The prime gaming strategy is to follow the Textbook Blackjack Strategy; it lets you minimize the house edge to nearly zero, thus letting you come closer to the point of profit securing. The game encompasses more advanced gaming strategies and techniques such as Card Counting. Moreover, there is no waiting period for Blackjack, even if you are playing it online. But, the surprising fact is that Blackjack is not encouraged by physical and virtual casinos even despite their popularity and user-friendly strategies.

The virtual model of Blackjack Classic 21, lets you choose between American and European version of the game. However, the only difference is about the exposure of dealers’ cards. Besides, there are other variations in the game too:

  • Blackjack Switch
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
  • Perfect Blackjack
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • Crazy Blackjack
  • Pontoon
  • Spanish 21

Each variety differs from each other in the gaming rules.

Video Poker and Table Poker –Games that Need Skills

Nearly every Poker game that’s being featured in Casinos requires the right gaming skills and strategies. This includes Video Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, 3 Card Poker, and Pai Glow. The game is popular among intellectual players as it is dependent on one’s skills and input rather than luck.

There is a slight difference between digital poker games and physical poker games that are being played in physical casinos; in the case of virtual Poker offered at online casinos like, the player is playing against the house but in the case of physical Poker, the players are playing against each other while sitting at the Casino. However, the rest of the gaming rules for virtual Poker and physical Casino Poker game are similar; you have to use official Poker Hand Rankings, All cards are dealt at once and the highest pay-out is usually obtained by Royal flush.

Roulette – Queen of the Table Games

Roulette is a popular and classic Casino game. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that a Casino is incomplete without the Roulette games.

Though the essence of classic Roulette is maintained for virtual gambling mode too with time, there have been some variations in the game. Be it a physical Casino or digital casino wherein live dealers are involved, the three standard forms or types of Roulette are commonly present that includes French, American, and European version of Roulette. But the proceeding and gaming experience of playing Roulette game online is quite exhilarating.

There is variation among the Roulette games but it depends on the virtual platform that one opts for online gaming. Usually, there is a difference in the odds and bets of the game. One must be sure and aware of the game insights before start betting with real money. Besides, the interesting version of Roulette includes games like Monopoly, pinball, and Multi-wheel games. Furthermore, there are some unconventional roulette games too but those are never featured by physical casinos. These games include:

  • Pinball Roulette
  • 3D Roulette
  • Mini Roulette
  • 3 Wheel Roulette
  • Monopoly Tycoon Roulette
  • Deal or No deal roulette
  • Monopoly Hot Properties Roulette

Craps –The Sleekest Online Table Game

Unlike blackjack and roulette, Craps does not have many variations. It is, in fact, among the few dice games that the virtual casino must offer. There is no match to the thrilling experience that is obtained while throwing real dice on the table surrounded by an energetic crowd. The online experience though is not exactly the same, but it still is an entertaining online casino game that has pay-out rates of good value.

There are many different version of Craps, but Playtech’s Craps, Microgaming’s Vegas Craps, and Dragonfish are the most common version of the game.

Closing Word

Online casinos offer excitement and entertainment at your convenience that makes online gambling such an attractive option. However, if you choose the wrong game to play, you won’t find online casinos so interesting after all. Choosing the top online casino games that offer attractive pay-out rates will keep you hooked and motivated to continue this ever-growing pass time activity!