Are you into online marketing? If you’re interested in marketing and want to become one of the best online marketers, you need to enhance your skills and constantly learn, follow trends, or even set them. How can you do it? In the article, we will tell you about the best marketing apps that every professional need to know. Let’s get to it and learn the secrets of successful Internet marketing management.

The best apps for Social Media Marketers

Who are the marketers? These are people who are responsible for a great deal of work. They settle the promotion process, analyze the market, manage the paperwork, and do finance. Sometimes, these responsibilities are located to different experts, but in most cases, you need to cover the whole scope of work. The following list of apps will be useful for you.

VPN software for windows

Let us start with the VPN software for Windows 10 or any other software version. If you work as a marketer, you may want to know how you can benefit from the best VPN for windows in your job. Frankly speaking, marketing is a broad discipline. And you will often need to turn to lots of servers and platforms. And the app VPN for Windows is what may help you avoid location restrictions and reach the information you need. With a VeePN, you can ignore the limits and enjoy the content of your choice. Either with a free or paid version, you can get impressive results. It often happens that a social media specialist needs to track foreign trends and tendencies to keep up with the online market. But geographical location may be an issue and may prevent you from getting the needed information. For this reason, you need to download VPN for a smooth and safe connection on the web.

Many users underestimate the importance of VPN software for Windows during daily tasks. But it has many benefits. First of all, using an app VPN for Windows can ensure the safety of your Internet activity. Second of all, using VPN software for Windows 10 will let you reach the content to introduce better results as a marketer.


This one is a real treasure for marketers who work online. If you are engaged in social media marketing and develop the accounts on the platforms, you will need to use Buffer. With the help of the app, you will be able to plan the posting activity on various social media accounts. You can also set the automated function to make your posts appear on the web within a set period. Buffer also helps to track the statistics and analyze the activity on your page.

Great apps for correct activity planning

Are you afraid of missing important information? Do you want to make your work more disciplined? These apps will help you keep all your things in one place.


You have probably heard about the app. This is the most convenient small business marketing app for everyday use. If you don’t want to miss important events and have the need to keep everything in one place, Trello will help you a lot. You can plan the deeds, create the boards, and manage all the important things in one place. Trello is great for small companies or groups of people. The app helps to track the results and reminds of crucial tasks.


The name is funny, but it is worth using the app. If you manage the company or direct the work of several people, TickTick will help you with allocating the tasks. You can manage their work, set the deadlines, create online meetings, and manage other organizing things here. It is a perfect tool for a marketing manager.


You need this app if you have to work inside and outside of your home. The app allows you to manage the tasks together with your colleagues or partners. An interesting thing is the use of hashtags. You can use them to create tasks for other workers. The app is highly automated. If you need to set the task for sometime later, you can do it in the Todolist easily.

Sending emails become easier with these apps

If you want to make the emailing process easier, you need to try these apps. They are useful for small businesses, online companies, and entrepreneurs.


This one is the most popular server for sending emails. It is commonly used by marketing companies to enhance the productivity of their work and make the emailing process automated. You can make use of various patterns and examples. You can also check how the complete text version looks on different devices. Why is it so helpful for the users? With the app, you can track the statistics, analyze the interaction with the emails, and see who read the texts and who leaves them in the mailbox. But keep in mind that you can’t generate the emails from scratch. You can benefit from a great lot of examples and samples and transform them how you want and need them.


This is another helpful app for marketers. If you need to send emails to the users, you can manage the settings, add people from your list of contacts, and track the results. Marketers enjoy using the app because it offers a well-developed analytical system. You can monitor the results of your email activity. It may help you enhance the success of the emailing process.

Use these apps to keep up with the latest trends

The marketer must be aware of the latest trends and news on the market. Some apps can make the surf for information easier and more beneficial.

Google News

The server is great for marketers since you may monitor the latest news instantly as they appear on the Web. You can choose the location, and the server will present you with the most current news of the day. You can also read about the same event from different information sources. It is great to analyze the situation or phenomenon from different sides and make a correct final assessment. Google News will let you know the most frequently asked questions and introduce answers to them.


The app is perfect for marketers. It helps learn the news in the digital world. You can download the app to track the news. You can see the posts, subscribe or work with your profile. It is very helpful and gives a great opportunity to stay tuned.

Let’s sum it up

To be a marketer in demand, you need to develop your skills all the time. With these apps, you will enhance your experience, improve professional skills, and become a thought-after marketing expert.