“Top Star Yoo Baek” (Hancinema)


Yoo Baek is a former member of a group of idols. He is now a renowned singer and actor. He is not interested in pretending to be a good person so that people will support and accept him. Yoo Baek is a complete egocentric and a man who does not measure himself and causes a lot of damage with his words because even though he is always honest with others, he does not mind harming them with his words.

Due to his complicated personality, he creates big problems and travels to a distant island to escape. There he meets warm people who live on the island, including Oh Kang Soon, who runs a small supermarket and also dives to collect abalone and sea mustard. She is physically a very strong woman.


“Kim Ji Suk ” (Image Source: Hancinema)

Kim Ji Suk as Yoo Baek

Singer and actor. Only 10 million followers. A milestone star that seems to be the most splendid in the world! At the age of 17, he debuted as a four-member idol group ‘Sirius’. His appearance and everything in him is perfect. The best star of the best star! Genius face! Just tears! Artisan kiss! Myeong Myeol! The man you want to kiss in the first place! There are many qualities attached to him.

However, he is that part that the Creator passed over the creation of the Milky Way and is the complete owner of narcissism, which is composed of self-esteem and self-love. He had a problem with his fans on the day of an awards ceremony.

For this reason, Yoo Baek built a wall with his company’s delegation and went into exile on a special island called ‘Yeoja Do’ where it seems that time stopped in the 1980s.

“Jun So Min ” (Image Source: Hancinema)

Jun So Min as Oh Kang Soon

she started collecting abalone and scallops when she was 8 years old and took the eel and octopus with her bare hands so she could leave. she never loses a fish once caught. No matter how big the whale is, if it gets caught it’s finished!, she also shot down a wild bull at the same time!, because of this, the islanders call her ‘Kangsun’.

She has been a foreigner who has been on the beautiful island ‘Yeoja Do’ where she has enjoyed life according to the nature of nature. Her encounter with the top star Yoo Baek is far from normal.

“Lee Sang Yeob ” (Image Source: Hancinema)

Lee Sang Yeob as Choi Ma Dol ‘Korean Jack Sparrow’

Here’s the Korean Jack Sparrow! he is full of courage and ingenuity and is the youngest captain who created the myth of the employer system with the highest wage contract. There is no limit to his affinity, he is quite a character, he knows Hollywood actors and even wild animals. Yoo Baek’s arrival on the island will shake his life.

Top Star Yoo Baek” is in charge of the Friday time slot at 23:00 tvN, it is a story that takes place on ‘Yeoja Do’ Island where digital civilization has been forgotten in the deluge… and is characterized by the warmth of its inhabitants.

This story wants to draw sighs with a pleasant love, full of funny situations, provoked by their unique characters that promise to make laugh out loud and record in our hearts the love between Yoo Baek and Oh Kang Soon, who are two totally opposite people.

The play is directed by Yoo Hak Chan, who had already worked on “Reply 1988” and “My Ear’s Candy“, and written by Lee So Jung and Lee Si Eun, who worked on “High Kick Through the Roof“.

The actor Kim Ji Suk who heads the cast of “Top Star Yoo Baek” announced that he would temporarily leave the TVN variety show “Problematic Men“, where he is one of the original members of the program. Due to the complexity of getting to Wando, where the drama was shot, it took six hours by car and another hour and a half by boat to get there.

On the other hand, Jun So Min talked about her character, filming on an island, and his co-stars from “Top Star Yoo Baek” in an interview. “Once I get to the island of Wando, I think I usually stay a week or two. Since I had to shoot for a variety show every week, I went back and forth from Seoul, but the distance was no joke. It’s only been a day since I came back, and I like this place with good air and panoramic views, but I miss my house“.

“Jun So Min” Top Star Yoo Baek, TvN (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

The actress then compared shooting in Seoul to shooting on an island. She said: “Wherever you look, there is the beautiful South Sea, and there are many beautiful stars that cannot be seen in Seoul at night. I was especially glad to see the fresh abalone and barnacle scattered all over the island. However, because there is no supermarket, snacks are so prized, and because there are no lodging facilities, we are asking island residents for their consent to stay with them. There are no restaurants, so the cast and crew are eating all three meals in a food truck”.

Top Star Yoo Baek” got off to a good start at its Korean premiere. The episodes ranked first in their time slot on all channels, including public television channels, according to Nielsen Korea, plus the main stars have received very good reviews because of the great chemistry they have at this beginning of the drama.

The production staff stated: “Kim Ji Suk and Jun So Min have a solid talent, unique charms and a great sense of humor that makes their chemistry and synergy work better than anyone expected. Please wait until you see it on screen“.