No matter if we admit it or not, procrastinating is a big challenge for all of us. And that doesn’t necessarily make us lazy or not goal-oriented. It says more about our concentration power and the way we choose to distribute our attention. We’ll be honest with you, there’s no special recipe that works for everyone, and it magically transforms you into a very productive person. Since we’re wired in different ways and there are several distractions that work for each one, we’re going to approach this article from a more general perspective. So, here are our suggestions if you want to get the job done faster and, possibly, better.

Focus on the Urgent Tasks First

While it sounds like common sense, we have a tendency to focus on what’s in front of us. And while that may seem convenient at first, it doesn’t mean that we’re dealing with the most urgent tasks first. It is also a proven fact that it is a lot harder to prioritize things that aren’t as urgent, and that leads to procrastination. The good news is that it’s not your fault, this is an evolutionary trait, and we’re wired to focus more on the urgent needs than what’s to come. To really make the difference between what’s urgent and what not, take a few steps back and judge the entire situation from a broader perspective. Once you do so, you will realize what you should start with and how to prioritize the tasks ahead. However, do not open that champagne yet because this leads to another minor issue.

Accept Confusion as a Normal State

Once you’ve locked your objectives, you will feel a strong feeling of not knowing where to start or what will come after you make the first steps. Once again, it’s natural since the negative emotions that come with the unknown are something your brain tries to protect you against. However, if you build confusion into the task and accept the fact that it is absolutely natural to feel overwhelmed by something new you’re experimenting, you’ll be able to deal with things a lot better. Don’t be afraid to spitball with someone you know or throw some ideas against the wall and see what sticks. Remember that the key of not feeling lousy about do-overs and slow starts is to take it as something normal.

Set a Clear Difference Between Self-Worth and Performance

If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely a perfectionist that is tired of seeing all those wasted hours go to Facebook or Netflix. And a bit of perfectionism never killed anyone. However, the high standards of perfectionism can have a totally different result. Not being able to achieve those high standards may lead you to believe that you’re simply not worthy of the task you have ahead. However, you need to separate these two instances from the start and draw a clear line between who you are and what you achieve. Your family, identity, passions, travels, experiences, or friends are all about who you are. You’re not defined by your achievements only, and once you see things that way, you’ll be more likely to steer away from procrastination.

Does Working Under Pressure Give Better Results for You?

When talking about procrastination, it is also important to define yourself properly. Only by knowing yourself and doing a profound self-analysis you will be able to determine if those extra days you let slip before starting a new project are the right way to go because you’ll perform better under pressure. And saving those days for family or friends instead of slowly working on your task knowing that you’ll reach your peak potential in the final days, is a great way to keep the stress away. So, if you’re performing better under pressure, make sure that in the days you deliberately let slip you relax and do nothing work related so that you have full resources available. A few spins at casino Australia should be the perfect way to just unwind and get ready for the task ahead.

Bottom Line

To sum things up, the best way to approach procrastination is to take a step back and check out the big picture. Knowing that is ok to feel confused and overwhelmed at first will help you find a starting point more easily. Also, knowing that your worth is way more than just your achievements and how well you do on a certain project is going to allow you to do better and better in future tasks. Deal with procrastination one step at a time and, if it helps, just block Facebook on your laptop or computer, there are multiple ways of doing so.