H1 Undoing Your Expectations For Student Travel

You’re young and ready for adventures. But how is an adventure possible if you have a degree to get?

For many people, it’s the reality they live in. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a journey across Europe, you can manage it.

However, some of your expectations about student travel are just not compatible with real life. Let’s get them undone before you hop on a train to Paris.

Expectation: I’ll Make Use of My Holidays

Weekend tourism is a great way of seeing the world when you don’t have a lot of flexibility. Sure, climbing the mountains in Norvegia is more fun than hiking in the Midwest and going back to your college.

However, it’s all about what you can, not what you want. Most of us expect to work hard during the week and make the most of their weekend.

Reality: Something is Always Wrong

In reality, it’s not that clear cut. Ironically enough, whenever you plan a great weekend out, something goes wrong. And there are thousands of ways in which something can go wrong when you are a student.

You get an unexpected deadline on Monday, you have to work extra hours to pay your rent, or you just get sick. You have to take all these things into account.

Expectation: It’s a Vacation

Going abroad is a great way of relaxing after hard and productive studies. You change the location, culture, and people, and that helps you recharge your batteries before going back. And it’s the same for student travel.

Reality: You Still Have to Study

You can think of a weekend trip as a small vacation. However, if you travel during your academic year, it’s a bit different. You can enjoy the view from the mountain you’ve just climbed, but you have to get back to studies soon.

Especially if the deadline is around the corner.

Expectation: Plan What You Want

College is so restrictive! You have to meet deadlines, do tons of essays, and read a lot of books.

Traveling is full of adventures and carefree. Want to go to Thailand and travel the country on a motorbike? Want to cross Europe on a bicycle in a couple of days? Want to camp in the Rocky Mountains? You can!

Reality: Plan What You Need

The sad reality is that you still have to follow your curriculum. Being on the road for two consecutive days is not the best idea when you have to study for a test. Chilling in a beautiful place with no sockets around is not as great when you need your laptop.

Your journey should be a compromise between your curriculum and your desires.

Sometimes, you’ll be stuck in a place where you can’t study. That’s why it’s always a good idea to find some thesis writing online service and have them do your paper well in advance.

Expectation: You Can Travel Light

What does a student need? If you can survive in a dorm room, you can survive anywhere. Just make sure you have a tent, some food, and a survival knife.

Why would anyone pack too much on a trip anyways?

Reality: You Need a Laptop and Books

If you plan on studying while traveling, you’ll need your laptop. You can scan the textbooks in advance, but if you don’t, you’ll have to carry them around, too.

Those of you who have ever traveled with a backpack know that the difference of six pounds matters. This is why many students chose cars over public transport.

Expectation: You Can Stick to a Healthy Diet

Traveling is just one component of wellbeing. Healthy eating is another. What is the purpose of traveling if you can’t stick to your eating habits?

Reality: You Have to Try Local Food

It may come as a shock to you, but they don’t have Whole Foods in Thailand. This means you will probably have to slightly modify your dietary habits and try something new.

This is perhaps the least disappointing thing on the list. According to HuffPo, trying the food that locals eat is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture. Especially if you found a restaurant that caters mostly to locals. If your journey involves a lot of walking, you’ll hardly gain any weight.

Expectation: Everything Goes According to the Plan

If it’s not a spontaneous decision, you must have been preparing for this trip for months. You have a map with your itinerary, you’ve planned every hour of the trip, and you’ve got a handful of things you just have to visit. Everything looks perfect.

Reality: You Have to Improvise

When it comes to executing your plan, you understand that it’s not as easy as you thought it would be. You miss trains, get lost, and spend more time doing certain things.

This is why you may fail to get to your hotel before dark or get stuck in a small town for another day. You’ll have to learn to improvise, and these tips on staying safe in solo travel may prove useful.

Expectation: You Can’t Do It

This list has been everything but encouraging. You have to pack your bag with textbooks, climb a mountain just to cram economics on the peak, and get lost on your way down.

What’s the point? Is it even doable?

Reality: Yes, You Can

It sure is! It’s harder than going to classes the regular way, but if you want to study while traveling, you’re not the one who’s afraid of hardships.

Is student travel your ultimate dream? Then start planning ahead instead of dreaming about it.