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There’s a common misconception that men easily outnumber women when it comes to gambling in Thailand. And without a doubt, the same chain of thought extends to online gambling. While we’re trying to leave gender comparisons behind, stereotypes such as this create a false perception about women. In reality, women in Thailand enjoy gambling online almost as much as men do. And some games, even more so than men.

The presence of these games is important, now more than ever. The current fear of COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire and our forms of entertainment are exhausting one by one.  But online casino games continue to be engaging as well as a convenient form of entertainment within the comfort of your home.

Before we get into the most popular games for women by the most trusted online casino in Thailand, we need to understand how an online casino website can be deemed worthy of your trust.

Prerequisites to Finding a Trusted Online Casino in Thailand

Any gambling website that wants to earn the reputation of being a trusted online casino in Thailand needs to be safe, secure, and reliable. It’s important to go through the following checklist before you decide to start trusting an online casino website:

  • The first thing to learn is whether the casino holds a gaming license from a reputed authority. The website should have a mention of this somewhere in their policies page.
  • Also, check for any certifications that verify that the games are fair, and you won’t be cheated out of money.
  • The online casino payments page has protection locks like an SSL encryption for money protection and safe transfers of cash.
  • Thai casinos should provide you with a variety of reliable payment options such as VISA, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.
  • A robust customer service you can rely on.

You should start playing only after a thorough inspection of the website.

Slot Games for Women

A study has indicated that the number of women who play slot games in Thailand is almost 12 times more than the number of men who do so. Slot games require very little financial investment, yet the chances of winning huge jackpots are quite high. A slot game consists of a layout featuring a screen displaying three or more reels with symbols that “spin”. In order to win, all the reels must be identical to one another.

A reincarnation of the age-old slot game in Thailand is the game of 777 Deluxe, where 3D animations collide in a 5-reel, 10-line video slot. The game is further amped up by symbols marked as question marks that can land you multiple wins and a progressive jackpot. This jackpot round has helped 777 Deluxe build a reputation for huge payouts in Thailand.

The Game of Spin The Wheel for Women

The popular game of Spin the Wheel observed on so many online and offline platforms is another favorite among women in Thailand. Spin the Wheel is nothing but a wheel marked with numbers or symbols in addition to a steady pointer. A bet can be placed on one or more symbols when the wheel is spun. When the wheel halts, the pointer marks the winning symbol.

Poker Games for Women

The classic card game has made its way onto the most trusted online casino in Thailand. There was once a time when men used to dominate the live poker scene. Today, women are entering the world of online poker gameplay without any hesitation. And to the surprise of many, women are dominating the game in Thailand.

It can feel extremely discouraging when you’re told something isn’t for you. However, time and again, women have proven to be no less than men, and online gambling is just one such area. There are plenty of women out there you should take inspiration from and give the most trusted online casino in Thailand a shot.

Readers, we urge all of you to stay home, stay safe and enjoy the family and me time that you all are getting.