TV remains one of the most effective channels for creating brand awareness and engaging consumers. Despite the popularity of social media marketing, many people still trust and watch TV. Over 119.9 million households in the U.S. own TVs and most people spend approximately 4 hours daily watching TV

Small businesses can leverage TV advertising to promote their products and services and connect with consumers. But they have to do it right. Here’s how you can reach your target audience using TV advertising.

Know Your Audience

Before approaching any TV station to advertise your brand, do proper research and find out the shows that attract your target customers. You should focus on customer demographics such as age group, income, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, and location.

I Need Cash Now, a company that offers title loans online and leverages both TV and online advertising says identifying your target audience can boost brand awareness and increase sales by up to 35%.

Complement Your TV Campaigns with Digital Advertising

It’s easy to focus on TV advertising and forget other mediums. Don’t limit yourself to one platform. When you combine television and digital marketing strategies, you’re able to reach different audiences and encourage engagement across multiple platforms. You can use different ads on YouTube to reach more people, like pre-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads. Some ads run like commercials and you only pay when viewers watch them for 30 seconds or click on them.

You can also advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can target a very specific audience demographic on these platforms and drive traffic directly to a landing page. Ads also make it possible for you to connect online with customers while they’re watching TV. Don’t be afraid to keep on testing and learning as you use both mediums.

Create a Captivating Commercial

Many people tend to switch channels during commercial breaks. You’ll need to create a highly captivating TV commercial to keep viewers glued. List all the things that should feature in the ad before creating it. If you intend to buy a 15-second spot, read your copy aloud at a moderate pace to ensure it fits in the allocated time. Avoid talking about your company, your services, or your products. Talk about the benefits and make the ad entertaining. If it’s not, no one will watch it. Hire a reputable ad agency for the task.

Know Your Options

TV advertising isn’t cheap, so consider doing a test run before committing your entire budget. You have multiple options when it comes to TV advertising. You can decide to buy a few commercial spots on different TV stations and let them run at the same time.

You can then check which ones were more effective and garnered more sales. Alternatively, you can advertise on one station at a time. To choose the best TV advertising model, consider your budget and the available commercial spots. TV advertising will only be effective if you do your research well.