Featured snippets are the fragments of text that you see right below the search bar of Google. They exist to answer the questions that have been searched by a user. An algorithm entirely chooses the websites seen in these featured snippets, and there is no way for your website to be manually marked to be featured. These snippets can be even more important than the first link in an article since it can attract customers with the necessary information it portrays.

There are many ways that you can get your article to become a snippet, but before that, you must know the different types so that you can make your website appeal to the algorithm.

Text Snippets:

These are the most common featured snippets that you will see whenever you are searching for something. They generally contain an excerpt from the text that is present on a website it is referring to. The most common way to get your website featured as a snippet is to have the source page do a couple of things. First, answer common questions, then you should make sure the text on the webpage has the right semantic signals and good structure. Doing this improves your chances of being a snippet which in turn improves the chances of getting an increase in viewers on your website. It increases the profits of your website by doing so. Hence it is essential to have a well-written source page.

List Snippets:

List snippets are just as they sound. They are a snippet from a website featuring a list with varying information. It is beneficial when searching for a list, like a recipe or a list on the types of flooring. They can appear either as a number list or as plain bullet points. Just like in a text snippet, it is essential to choose the format, semantics, and wording carefully so that it clearly explains the information. That way you are more likely to get your website in a featured snippet. It turns out useful to those customers who are looking for steps that involve your product.

Video Snippets:

Video snippets are very different from the other two types mentioned because, unlike the other two, video snippets do not take the information from a website, but instead take it from Youtube. The quality of your website does not matter as much. Instead, however, if you want your videos to pop up, it means that your company should first have its Youtube channel where they post videos. The algorithm will use the video‚Äôs description text you have provided and make your video stand out when customers are searching for topics related to your company’s product or service. So just like the other snippets, it is vital to make sure everything about the video is of high quality.


Overall we can see that there are various types of snippets and that it is crucial to make sure that the text we want to show up as snippets are written and formatted well. If done correctly, your company’s website is going to be picked as snippets more often, increasing the traffic to your site, and allowing you to acquire more paying customers. So you have to make sure that the content of your texts is well done and of good quality.

Author Bio: Helen Harry is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things