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Successful organizations everywhere rely on good Human Resources (HR). HR can make the difference between a well-working organization and one that struggles to get going. While HR is essentially the same no matter where you go, there are always some local differences that are worth noting. If you’ve ever watched foreign dramas, you’ll know that things can sometimes look different yet familiar. In UAE, the HR management system plays an important role, and here’s a quick look at just what it looks like in the region.

Human Resource Management System: main functionalities

It’s a good idea to first focus on the functionalities of HR Management in the UAE. There are five key areas of HR that the region focuses on. These are:


HR Management Systems put recruitment at the heart of everything. You need to have the right talent to make sure your organization succeeds which is why an effective recruitment strategy is a must-have. In the region, it is important to make sure recruitment always has an element of localization, especially as many people working in the region are foreigners. You need to, therefore, ensure that your HR software in UAE is able to handle all the different things involved with recruitment. This includes things like healthcare, as it is a mandatory part of living in the region. You also want to make sure the recruitment process focuses on helping the right candidate settle in the country.


The other essential part of AUE’s HR management is running effective training. Talent alone isn’t enough, as you need to make sure people are capable of working in your unique organization. Each company runs a little differently and it is important to help employees fit into your style of the company. You also need to make sure training isn’t just a one-off thing. In the modern world, continuous training is the best way to guarantee your organization stays on top of the competition. It’s also very important to train the HR personnel within your organization. This means ensuring your workforce can use the latest HR software and is aware of any new strategies that can help make running the HR department and the company smoother.

Building company commitment

For the longest time, many workers moved to UAE for a short period. The region was an exciting place to be for a few years and hone your craft. But many moved on elsewhere after a short work commitment. That is why company commitment has been an integral part of the region’s HR management. HR teams have worked hard to make sure employees are happy in the organization and in the location they live in. HR management in places like Dubai tries to make the environment welcoming, not only in terms of a professional career but also their free time.

Performance feedback

HR management systems must also talk about performance. It’s a lot easier to train your workforce and keep them happy at their jobs if you give them constructive and positive feedback. Employees tend to work best they are both challenged and motivated with their tasks. In UAE, performance feedback has always played a big role. Companies spend a lot of time communicating with their employees in terms of what they are doing and how they could improve further. Positive, yet constructive feedback, is important in terms of motivating employees and also guiding them towards the action that leads to productivity.

Public relations

HR management in UAE is not just about dealing with the inner workings of a company. It is also about public relations and HR plays a key role in this. HR personnel can be at the forefront of introducing the company to the world and this can be done through seminars, business meetings, and the like. HR management can even be part of the marketing strategies. This kind of involvement is very unique to UAE.

The HR management style in UAE

Finally, it’s a good idea to look at the management style in order to understand HR in UAE. For most organizations, the choice has always been between centralized and non-centralized HR management. HR management in Dubai has to view this choice a little differently due to the nature of the work in the region.

First, centralized management can be useful because it allows the organization to focus on its individual needs. However, the region has a diverse geographical location and workforce which does require HR professionals to consider a non-centralized approach. Many companies within the region are multi-location companies and a fully centralized focus simply doesn’t work.

Different companies in the region have dealt with the issue in different ways. Many functions can and should be centralized. But HR can often reach a middle ground which is what many companies in the region are doing. The hybrid focus on HR management can help ensure that you enjoy the benefits of centralization while also taking advantage of non-centralization. The key throughout the approach has to be company culture. No matter what the approach to HR ends up being, a common share of commitment and the desire to build strong company culture must be at the forefront. The also needs to be enough attention to ensuring the legal and regulatory frameworks are followed.

Human Resource Management in UAE is Technological

One special mention about HR in the region has to be its focus on technology. UAE is at the forefront of including technology in all aspects of HR management. There are a range of startups operating in the field and a lot of new innovation is taking place all the time. HR has started including technology in all aspects and HR software in UAE comes in many shapes and sizes. Most of the region’s technology innovation is focused on the above five functionalities. In addition, there is a strong desire to ensure that different solutions allow for the introduction of both centralized and non-centralized decision-making. Overall, HR management in UAE is going through big transformation and growth.